Godaddy Webmail Domain

The Godaddy Webmail Domain

Clients expect most professional companies to have their own domain name, such as Redirect from GoDaddy Webmail to Gmail Clients are expecting most companies to have their own domain like "" and the corresponding e-mails. Hosted service companies like GoDaddy provide webmail services, provide free webmail tool sharing and provide free subscription to webmail services. The GoDaddy webmail interfaces, however, are disliked by some shopkeepers, who choose to keep their default emails such as Google Mails.

GoDaddy Webmail can be redirected to Gmail or another Email address by using the GoDaddy Email Control Center. Sign in to your GoDaddy account manager and then click "My Account". You can click on the "+" icon next to "E-mail plans". Either click the Setup or Manager button next to the domain you want to set up for forwarder.

It may take a few moments for the e-mail domain to be reconfigured if the e-mail address has not yet been setup for forwards. Select the Schedules tabs and click the Forward icon on the Mail Control Center monitor. Then click "Add" next to the domain you want to divert to Gmail.

Enter the E-mail adress of the e-mail you want to forward in the "Forwarding adress" area. Choose the appropriate domain from the drop-down menu next to the@ icon. Enter the Gmail adress in the "Forward Mail To" area. Forward emails to more than one Gmail account by using a comma separator.

Limits for outgoing mails

Owners of GoDaddy Web-based e-mail Accounts can enter the e-mail prefix along with a domain name in the Web browsers Address bar to gain entry into a GoDaddy Webmail or WorkSpace e-mail accounts. Restrictions on such web-enabled Email accounts include the inbound and outbound sizes of emails, the overall number of receivers of an emails, and the account's memory area.

Every e-mail sent from a GoDaddy Webmail client must not be more than 30 megabytes. That means that the text in the e-mail and in the attachments must not contain more than 30 megabytes (.MB) of information - and the maximal file format for an attachement is 20 megabytes (.MB). Certain e-mail service bureaus and ISPs cannot process the sizes of GoDaddy e-mails.

When an outbound e-mail is declined, you'll notice that other vendors can decline e-mails over 5 or 10 megabytes. If necessary, try splitting the information you need to submit from a GoDaddy user into several e-mails. A GoDaddy Webmail user can mail to no more than 100 different e-mail adresses.

This means that each e-mail you write and transmit must not be directed to more than 100 people. When you have more than 100 receivers for a singular e-mail - mail to groups of less than 100 people. They must use the same e-mail three different time, e.g. if their content has to be sent to 300 people.

With GoDaddy web-based e-mail service, the overall number of e-mails you can deliver is not limited on a per diem basis. So long as the overall number of receivers does not go beyond GoDaddy's limits, you can deliver tens of millions of emails every single day from your GoDaddy webmail inbox. However, such a bulk mailing can cause the entire memory of your accounts to be exceeded.

Owners of a one-to-one e-mails policy can save up to 1 GB of e-mails in their policy. The Deluxe accountholders have 2 GB of disk space available. There is no memory limitation for GoDaddy Unlimited emails. "The Godaddy Webmail Limit."

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