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Migration from GoDaddy gehostetem Webmail - MS Exchange Anyone ever migrate emails from GoDaddy to a new webmail solution? At the moment I'm trying to move a customer email from GoDaddy to Exchange and it' just like 14 email boxes I have to do what you think is simple. I have a big issue: when I link to a voicemail via IMAP in my Outlook, I notice that all my directories are synchronized, but with some directories the content is not in the directories.

I' ve found a way to work around this by making a new webmail directory and dragging the emails into that new directory, but even that creates a new issue. If I move the email to a new location, I realized that not all emails are synchronized with my mailbox, an example would be that I have a 44 emailbox I' m looking at in my mailbox and it shows 40 and I can see the missed emails.

I' m concerned about getting into a file with a hundred e-mails and not being aware of what's wrong. Next issue is that the number of emails in a godaddy webmail directory does not correspond to the real number of emails. If I talked about the above file, where I put 44 emails, it says it contained 50 emails, and if you go back to that initial file, it says there are 6 emails in there, but nothing.

After all, the last issue is that emails in some inbox areas are a whole week behind on synchronization, so emails don't fall on top of your email for about a fortnight. If I suddenly sent a note to this voicemail, it would synchronize everything that was lacking, but that's just irritating when you have to do it every time.

Next another with about 750 megs of value of emails and that's where I first spotted the inbox synchronization problem, but I only got another inbox with 15 megs of emails and it was a weeks back on the inbox synchronization so it's not as if it was a big problem. Anyone else has worked with Godaddy Webmail and was lucky to get news.

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