Godaddy Webmail Link

The Godaddy Webmail Link

Just click on the verification link and you are ready to go! To link a GoDaddy email account to Microsoft Outlook Associating your GoDaddy e-mail with Microsoft Outlook is an important way to verify your GoDaddy e-mail without logging into the GoDaddy web-based e-mail utilities. GoDaddy e-mail addresses allow classic Outlook mail sharing (POP) for inbound e-mail and use Smart Mail Transfer (SMTP) for outbound e-mail. GoDaddy allows you to set up as many GoDaddy e-mail addresses as you need in Microsoft Outlook.

Because most GoDaddy e-mail addresses use POS, however, message from the Web servers are sent to all machines sync with the address, which means that you must remove message from any machine associated with the address; they do not sync auto-. Recall your bank details. Login to the web-based e-mail clients at

Mark the "Help" option and click "Email Client Settings". Hold the pane open or make a note of the POP and SMTP servers used for your current user accounts. And if you've used Outlook before, click the Tools Menu, and then click account settings. Please enter your preferred name. Please specify the kind of servers your GoDaddy will use.

Many GoDaddy customers opt for GoDaddy based services unless they are paying to be upgraded to IMAP. Otherwise, if your receiving email servers start with "imap", please be sure to check this box. Specify the baseline bank information. Under " Your name ", specify the name to be shown in all your email messages. In the " E-mail adress " field, specify the adress of the user you want to send.

Subsequently, type in your passphrase twice to confirm it. Select the "Manually configuring your servers settings" option and click Next. Type the information about the servers. Select an "Internet E-mail" user and click "Next". Use for " Receiving server" the name of the service you described in paragraph 1 (often The same applies to "Outgoing Email Servers (SMTP)" (often the sending email is smtpout.

At the end of the process, type in your username and click OK again. Activate "Save password" if you do not want to type your personal key every Outlook connection. Select "More settings". Select "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication" on the " Outgoing Server " page and use the same configuration as your receiving one. Now click on the "Advanced" register card and modify the connection options.

IMAP uses 143 or 993 for Incoming Server Settings and 110 or 995 for POS. Under "Outgoing Server Settings", use 25, 80, 3535, or 465 to access the server. And if you don't recall which one to use depending on the license you bought, just try each one until the link is established.

In the Test Settings dialog click the Test Settings field. Her GoDaddy e-mail address is mated.

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