Godaddy Webmail Portal

The Godaddy Webmail Portal

Describes how to access a webmail application from cPanel. If you receive an e-mail bounce from, the IP address of your server may be on the GoDaddy blacklist.

Use cPanel to get to webmail

The following is a description of how to use cPanel to connect to a webmail program. Which are Webmail Apps? Using webmail allows you to verify your email account using your web browsers. Write and view e-mail notifications, manage an email directory, and other general activities. In general, off-line email clients such as Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook offer more functionality than webmail clients, but also need more first time configuration.

You can use three webmail applications: . From cPanel, to connect to an email address via webmail, perform the following steps: Webmail can be accessed via cPanel in two ways: In order to use your main domains e-mail accounts, click Webmail in the Mail section of the cPanel startup dialog.

In order to change the type of your message accounts, click My E-mail Accounts in the mail section of the cPanel startup dialog. Find the e-mail address you want to use, click More, and then click Get Webmail. You can also use the address where is your domainname to connect to webmail.

In this case you do not have to register with cPanel first, but can go directly to the webmail logon page. Enter the user name and passphrase for the user ID area. Choose the webmail that you want to use. To learn more about SquirrelMail, please go to Use cPanel to administer your website's email addresses.

Timezone setting in the webmail client Horde, Roundcube and SquirrelMail can be changed by you. Find out how to use Webmail to get an email address. It is the simplest way to gain email accounts and does not require any specific setup. Do you need help with cPanel?

Restore lost emails in Webmail

You can restore e-mail from the Restore Erased E-Mail utility up to 14 working days after you delete an item from the Recycle Bin. In order to restore erased emails, sign in to Webmail and follow the following steps: Make sure that the missed elements are not in the Trash or another directory. Right click on the Recycle Bin and choose Restore Void emails.

Choose the message you want to restore. Then click Restore to Folders and choose the target directory for the restored e-mail mails. If you see the restored acknowledgement message(s), exit the restore utility and make sure that the message (s) are now in the target location you selected.

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