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Newer versions of QuickBooks Desktop allow you to use Secure Webmail for an easier and more secure connection to your email provider. Configure your e-mail services in QuickBooks Desktop. Configure your e-mail services in QuickBooks Desktop to deliver bills, logs, and other business transaction via Webmail or Outlook. Please note: Make sure that your Outlook is compliant with your current release by reviewing the QuickBooks Desktop system requirement. Generate an Outlook e-mail profil.

If you already have an Outlook Profile, continue with the next steps.

For the following information, please consult your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Setting up your Microsoft Office in QuickBooks Desktop. Unless you see Microsoft Outlook listed as an optional feature in your QuickBooks Desktop, please complete the procedure described in Microsoft Excel that is omitted from the QuickBooks Desktop Send Form settings. On the QuickBooks Edit pull-down list, go to Settings, then Send Forms.

Choose Outlook and then OK. More recent QuickBooks Desktop releases allow you to use Secure Webmail for an easy and secure way to connect to your e-mail service supplier. The Secure Webmail is only available for certain vendors, dependent on your QuickBooks desktop version: QBooks 2018: When adding Secure Webmail to your QuickBooks corporate database, you will need to create a sophisticated passcode for your database if you don't already have one.

If you' re in a hosting environment such as Right Networks, you may still be prompted to log in to your webmail service when sending e-mail from QuickBooks Desktop, even if you use Secure Webmail. On the QuickBooks Edit pull-down list, go to Settings, and then Forms. Select your supplier from the drop-down list and type in your e-mail adress.

Make sure the Use advanced security checkbox is selected, and then choose OK. Note: You can clear the Use advanced security check box if you get the errors message: It is not necessary for the user name or e-mail that you use here to match the one you associate with your quick books.

The registration page of your webmail service is displayed. Web mail client and ports are set by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The QuickBooks Desktop can fill in information for some of the most popular vendors like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail/Live for you. When you use another e-mail service you can use the following list to find the information about the mail service and ports, but it is strongly advised to check this information with your ISP before you set up webmail in QuickBooks Desktop.

When you use QuickBooks Desktop in the United States: When you use QuickBooks in Canada: On the QuickBooks Edit pull-down list, click Settings, then Submit Forms. Complete the Add e-mail info box, and then click OK. In contrast to Secure Webmail, QuickBooks Desktop prompts you to type your Webmail passphrase the first times you e-mail with a normal Webmail.

Please be aware that if Quickbooks Desktop still does not agree to your login credentials, webmail service provider (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) will ask your user to verify the settings of their accounts for a two-step review. Please see QuickBooks does not accepts my webmail passphrase for more information. The QuickBooks Desktop preferences SSL connectivity and needs credentials. Therefore, using 25 and no SSL connectivity with SSL using SMTP does not work with QuickBooks Desktop.

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