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Rerouting your subdomain to another URL in GoDaddy:. Changing GoDaddy DNA entries + redirecting a subdomain to another URL in GoDaddy - SpaceCraft Support Knowledge Base Below are all the procedures for referring your domain's DNA entries to SpaceCraft. We will add or update an A-entry in your domain's DNA zonefile today: In your webbrowser navigate to

Choose Log in in the upper right hand corner and then Log in again to go to the log in page:

Please fill in your access data and click the orange Log in button: Choose the DNA pushbutton next to your enumerated domain: 5. check all your data sets before you add a new A-entry. When you see an A-record already in your data sets, process it by choosing the pencil symbol instead of inserting a new one.

Choose Upload in the lower right under Records to create a new A-entry. Important: If you are using an e-mail service providers, ask them if they need an A-entry in your DNS records. A webmail host that requires an A recorder pointing to their web mail servers is not compliant with SpaceCraft's A recorder set-up.

When you are concerned about processing your data sets to the point where your webmail stops working, we suggest you take a screenshots if you need to re-implement a previous data set up. Choose A from the drop-down box under Type. Finally, choose 1/2 hr in the TTL drop-down box. 6.1: 6.2: 7. Choose Save and your changes to the DNA are completed.

Ensure that you have added your domains to your SpaceCraft Dashboard preferences. You should acknowledge that you only have one A-Record preference for your domains, as several domains can cause conflicts and make your site unavailable. Do not use user-defined name servers, but instead change the domains to the default/default name servers.

Redirect your subdomain to another URL in GoDaddy: Since GoDaddy is one of the biggest domains registrars, we've explained the process of adding a CNAME entry to GoDaddy: 4. choose Manage DNS. On top of the listing you should see an Add Records, choose it.

Enter a TTL or use the standard 1 hr time. When searching for a similar statement for your top-level domain administrator, look for a keyword like "How to add your username records on REGISTRAR-HERE".

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