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Name of Godaddy website

You have three great ways to use a domain name. GoDaddy allows you to associate your domain name with your Weebly page. Register domain names, website hosting, email services and more. Sign in to your account.

Creating a website after you have registered a GoDaddy domainname.

Since you already have a domainname, the next step is: If you rent room on a web site so that it can operate your website on the World Wide Web, it is often referred to as "hosting". Enterprises that offer this kind of services are often referred to as "host" or hosted enterprises. Select the kind of hosted solution you prefer: hosted sharing, hosted dedication, VPN hosted or hosted via CLOAD.

Once you have your registration, all you have to do is turn to a web site hoster and tell them that you want to hoist your site and that you have a real name. A number of hosters also offer aomainname. A few group may not poverty to buy a residence or go for people activity because they fitting person a news article computer for fun or training.

They can still use your website still alive on the Internet by using a free web site host that allows to build what they call a "subdomain". Subdomain is only a subdomain that is part of another subdomain. Your website will look like this in this case: While this is nice for fun/project web sites, if you're serious about your web site (say it's your commercial web site) using subdomains is like taking someone else's calling cards and typing your name on them!

Finally, I've been hearing about free web sites that allow you to have real domain names hosted with them for free and without the hassle of advertising that other free hosts will add to your pages. That means how much webroom the web hosting companies allow you to use for your website.

Several web host businesses provide much more room - they are able to do so because they know that the mean website comes in less than 100 Mbytes. That means how many e-mail accounts the host provider provides to you. Window or UNIX? Finally, the main differentiator between web host packets is the OS.

Like your desktops (probably with Microsoft Windows or an Apple Mac OS), web server systems run an OS. Two main kinds of operation systems exist in the web host industry - Windows and UNIX. UNIX's most important version is Linux. It doesn't make any difference to simple websites whether you opt for Linux or Windows hosted services.

Applications that run better on Windows: However - almost all Linux applications also run under Windows! Once you have your domainname registrated and your web site hosted, the last stage is to submit the website to the webmaster. Use an FTP client to move your website to your host's servers.

Several free FTP applications are available that allow you to move your data to the web site, and many HTML and web design applications such as Dreamweaver have built-in FTP features. Another thing you probably have to transfer your data to the web site is using IE. You can use this FTP client simply by entering the FTP location of the FTP site in the location list, prefixed by the keyword:

I' d like to point out that Hostripples now offer webcasting ( at really low rates! oh yes oh yes oh no! oh no! :)).

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