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U.S. Administration relies on GDPR-Whois disaster, orders ICANN to investigate GoDaddy - The Register

" This is an exceptional operation as the whole Whois is in question and can expire in just over a month. What's more, the whole Whois system is in question and can expire in just over a year. This is most likely an attempt by the US administration to compel ICANN to be more determined rather than go its own way of neglecting them.

However, what is critical is that it did not comply with ICANN's application for a suspension. GoDaddy's measures are seen by many as a useful concept as an industrialist. However, as the ICANN Chief Executive is preparing to board a flight to Brussels to ask the members of the Article 29 Working Group to give it a freeze, the larger issue is: What is ICANN doing?

This would allow ICANN's Chief Executive to advocate a one-year freeze. It seems that even the notion of a moral sanatorium was devised by ICANN. Concerning the solution to the basic question of the Whois - namely that some groups want full rights of every notifier and the Act demands that there be a clear juridical reason - the NTIA Brief provides a fascinating proposal.

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The ICANN has completed its examination of the Whois practice of GoDaddy without any measures being taken. NTIA and members of the IP Society had reported that GoDaddy had throttled Whois account entry via 43 and masked certain boxes in the issue. At that time, GoDaddy and the remainder of the ICANN-regulated industries worked under the old regulations before the new transitional Whois policies were put in place to ensure compliance with the EU data protection regulation.

GoDaddy does not currently mask any WHOIS information or restrict WHOIS service accessibility on the basis of our reviews and tests (even outside the ICANN network). As a result, GoDaddy dealt with and resolved allegations related to the mask of certain WHOIS areas, IP address rating limitation and IP address whitelist. At the beginning of the year, GoDaddy said it was reducing traffic on 43 ports to cut the amount of whois information available to those spenders who are bothering their clients with website design and SEO offerings.

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