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Easy PHP implementation of the GoDaddy API to retrieve whois data for domains in a shopper profile. Domainname Industry News, Analysis & Opinion Currently, ICANN is investigating allegations that GoDaddy is violating its registration agency registration agreement. Last weekend, the firm informed IP attorney Brian Winterfeldt that its complaints about the market-leading regulator that throttles and censors Whois requests on por 43 are being investigated by its regulatory affairs team. Wintersfeldt is angry that GoDaddy is beginning to remove contacts from his 43 Whois ports, in what the corporation says is an anti-spam crack.

It has also begun to restrict ports 43 requests, which does not end the problem for businesses like DomainTools. As Winterfeldt last months wrote: "Nothing in their agreement allows GoDaddy to masquerade items, and proof of unlawfulness must be provided before GoDaddy is allowed to restrict or refuse entry of the 43 Whois ports to a particular IP address".

It is noteworthy that ICANN does not lend formality credence to the grievance by merely examining it. However, although it is customary for ICANN to make public its replies to the mail it has been receiving and publishing, it is rather unusual for it to reveal the presence of a conformity inquiry before proceeding to a procedural request for violation.

Everything could prove to be controversial anyway if one considers which GDPR will inflict on the Whois in the entire branch within fewer waves.

This is how to cancel the deregistration of the domain name WHOIS mask at GoDaddy.

This is how any domain name holder who has a domain name that has been registrated with GoDaddy can mask the cancellation of the domain name WHOIS. GoDaddy began to mask (block) the registrant name, telephone and e-mail for all WHOIS large volume queries on 25 January 2018 at 43. It is GoDaddy's opinion that all whois queries on 43 are automatic and/or bulk search queries.

Sometimes someone uses the manual commandline to look up whois for less than 5 domain names a day. However, the point is that GoDaddy is violating the ICANN policy, and I said it not once, but twice, but it doesn't seem to interest anyone at ICANN. Very few in the domain mining sector have shown interest.

The GoDaddy clearly violates the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RRA) and in particular section 3.1.1. 1. The GoDaddy will either restrict the WHOIS account on port 43 and/or Godaddy will handle masqueraded Whois like this: the Whois account will be disabled: Either way, no user is lucky enough to get a useful whois entry. Even for their own domain name.

Godaddy tried to give his user an opt-out for Whois mask. They said on January 12 that if you prefer to keep your domain information unhidden, you can unsubscribe at any point with one of the following options: Submit a mail inquiry to from your e-mail address at

On the same date I sent an e-mail asking for an opt-out and after more than 2 month I received no answer and no opt-out. Now, I see that GoDaddy says that if you send a query in writing, you must obey these hints to speed up your query: Please indicate the following in the text of the e-mail:

Please note: You can find your client number by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner of your screen when you are signed in to your GoDaddy client and you can find the record's e-mail in the My Settings section of the My Settings tab. Processing the opt-out application can take up to 24hrs.

You can see that you can only apply for an opt-out for the entire domain and not for single domain name. That' s really regrettable, but something you should be expecting from GoDaddy, where nothing is done completely, correctly or on schedule. Today I sent another inquiry. Let's see if GoDaddy can get something done.

And GoDaddy says it has done all it can to keep its customers safe from spammers. Domain name assignments at this point need to be authorized by the owner's e-mail found in Whois entries. So if a registrar cannot log on to 43 to get Whois information, a download will not start. All domain holders face many unexpected (at first glance) issues and in connection with the forthcoming General Ordinance on the Protection of Personal Information (GDPR) we are facing a catastrophe.

As well as that, they also shifted the rollout of the Verisign thick whois for .com and .net, which had the capability to MAYBE (if done correctly) to resolve some (not all) ills.

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