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RESOLVED] Import email masses into GoDaddy Workspace from Gmail Apps - Email Server Is anyone going to tell me how to move my email from Gmail to GoDaddy Workspace Email? There are 15 GB of email in my Gmail email and I want to receive it on GoDaddy Workspace. Append both as Impap contacts to Outlook or similar and move them from one to the other by drag-and-drop. I would suggest you stay with Gmail yourself, though.

Append both as Impap contacts to Outlook or similar and move them from one to the other by drag-and-drop. I would suggest you stay with your own friend named Greg orymail. is an IT services company. Another way would be to append the PST as a POP and create the PST files, then append the GoDaddy files and append or paste the PST files from the GFI MailArchiver user interface.

Do you also know that GoDaddy is expiring workspace email and driving people to their O365 offer? Notice: This is due to a debate I had with GoDaddy about 6 month ago, so it might have been different. Expand your email to a copy of Impap or Mapi's copy of the patch files and bring it to the Godaddy servers by importing the copy of the patch files into godaddy in Impap connections.

This is a technique I know, but I want to know some third-party utilities that do it for me or other GoDaddy ways/services themselves. VirtualSurreal Tech Services is an IT services company. In September 2015, I had some GoDaddy clients using their Workspace email products. GoDaddy's technical staff told me that they had absolutly no plan to ever enhance this software or deploy advanced safety implementation of TLS-587.

They said they replaced it with O365/Exchange and were kind enough to give my clients much more cash to change to these more reliable email offers. No way I let one of my clients stay on an old email system that was never upgraded to the latest email architectures and depending on the flaws that GoDaddy didn't think were good enough to fix the resource, so I drew one client to Zoho Mail (the free level actually worked well enough for his needs with 15 email accounts), while the other chose GoDaddy's O365 Office and Email with GoDaddy as the 3 people small company opt.

The GoDaddy moderators even say that there is no "easy" way to get it if you're sure that GoDaddy's workspace email is what you want: com/community/Managing email/Is-othes-away-to-import-an-email-file-exported-fro.... Do you have a way to export an e-mail from another service and paste it into a Workspace e-mail? Hello @billedge, There is currently no way to directly send email to a Workspace email accounts.

Next would be to use an email clients to connect to the email saved on your local computer and to connect it to your Workspace email accounts at the same time. This will not synchronize the email on your system with the mail servers, but you will at least have full control over both mail systems in the same place.

What do you usually do about shifting e-mails from another vendor? The IMAP to IMAP Kopie selbst : https://mediatemple. net/community/products/dv/204405444/how-do-i-migrate-email-between-servers-using........ And if you think you can rely on a third-party with potentially vulnerable email, you can see if it supports the particular Gmail mail server you're migration from, and the GoDaddy Workspace email you're going to move to, because they only include Gmail and GoDaddy in their supportet list:

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