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Setting up Godaddy Mail on an iPhone When you have an GoDaddy e-mail address, you can easily attach it to your iPhone. Adding a GoDaddy e-mail allows you to broadcast and recieve your message just as if you were signed in to your GoDaddy accounts. To set up your GoDaddy mail, use the Settings on your iPhone radio button.

Login to the GoDaddy "Workspace Login" page with your GoDaddy e-mail account and your login name ( see the Resources link). You will then be taken to your "E-mail Setup Center" page. To find out whether you have IMAP or if you have something like an IMAP or something like that, copy the information that is displayed in the "Email Settings " section and get the information about your inbound and outbound servers.

Touch "Settings" on the home page of your iPhone. Touch Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and then touch Account South. To do this, go to your Create Account page, where you can set up e-mail account addresses on your iPhone. Browse down the dropdown menu and touch "Other". Touch "Add Postal Account" and enter the necessary information, such as your e-mail adress and your passwort, in the appropriate boxes.

Touch the "IMAP" or "POP" item and then input your received mail information. When you have access to your own private directory (POP), please fill in "". When using immap, in the Host Name box, specify Please fill in your full e-mail adress in the box "Username" and fill in your e-mail adress in the box provided.

Browse down to the "Outgoing Mail Server" section and paste "" into the "Host Name" area. Please fill in your full e-mail adress in the box "Username" and fill in your e-mail adress. Touch "Next" and "Save" or simply "Save" to complete the setup of your accounts. To return to your Home Screen, click the Home key, and then click Mail to display your GoDaddy mailbox.

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