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Simplify your users' login to GoDaddy Workspace Email without having to remember "another password". Godaddy Workspace - Web Hosts They also made me buy a Godaddy account and paid for workspace emails. I' ve setup the e-mail with zooho mails. Is my query, do I still have to afford Workspace or is it the complete independence of the domains? May I quit my workspace by fearing that my mails with zooho will not work if I do.

Well, I must say, I also have my website with Godaddy. They no longer have to pay you for workspace emails. Simply continue to pay for the domainname and that's all you have to do. Unsubscribe the Workspace e-mail, I have purchased my Godaddy domains and also hosted my e-mail through Zoomho, you only pay for a non use services by retaining the Workspace.

If you are interested, you can also use the free of charge e-mail service from our panel, but your e-mail choices for the web site would be severely restricted.

php-p - send email not to my site to godaddy workspace.");'smtp_port', "25"); before invoking the email feature as follows: "\r\n" ; "Return-Path: $sender_email\r\r\r\n" ; "MIME-Version: 1.0\r\n" ; "Message-ID: " . "r" . . "\r\n"" ; 'Content-Typ: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1' . php Mailer 1.0\r\n" ;'SMTP', "" );'smtp_port', "25" );;,,, ); ; I also noted that the email only sent if you use charset=iso-8859-1, I think there might be something wrong in the godaddy workspace config where it doesn't allow utf-8 character set by email.

In this case, I think the assistance could help if you really need the utf-8 character set.

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Simplify your users' login to GoDaddy Workspace Email without having to memorize "another password". A comprehensive catalogue of fully featured apps makes sure you can deliver a truly singlesign-on solution for every app you use. Delivering on-demand, non-authenticated certificate signing poses a threat to your business; a lost certificate can now gain full control.

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