Godaddy Workspace Email

The Godaddy email workspace

I have a workspace email as part of that. I' ve got a Godaddy bankroll. I' ve got a Godaddy bankroll. I have a workspace email as part of that. This allows me to set up email addresses that match the domain names I own at Godaddy.

Now I can set up a new email from the Workspace Email section named (see screenshot). What I noticed was that you could make the same email addresses with both places, but they would be totally independent.

Transfer Godaddy Workspace emails to the Cpanel

One of our customers has several email adresses, domain names and web sites with Godaddy, last year we changed everything over. E-mails are set up with the Godaddy Workspace e-mail system. Transmitting large volumes of email can be difficult, but following the right precautions can make it less painful.

Make a note of a listing of each email address and how they are used. It is necessary to set up each machine and computer with new email accounts information (mail server, user name, etc.) after the transmission is over. If you use Microsoft Word (desktop client) or Microsoft Word (Thunderbird), take any old email accounts and make sure they are set up.

Allow him some free space to synchronize all email with your computer. My preference is to ensure that these email addresses are synchronized with the computer using POP (What is POP or IMAP?) so that a copy is saved locally on the computer and the mail servers have a back-up. In your new host, set up the new email account with the same email addresses.

Modify the domains DNA entries (name server or MX records) to point away from Godaddy and to your new host. Modifying the DNS or name servers can destroy your website, email and a number of other things if you are not cautious. As soon as the update of your DNS and name server is complete (can take up to 24 hours), configure Outlook or Thunderbird to use IMAP (What is POP or IMAP?) to create new account.

As soon as you are finished, move the e-mails from the old e-mail mailbox to the new e-mail mailbox. The IMAP uploads these data to the new IMAP file system. It may take some getting done according to how many e-mails you have.

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