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To increase the number of emails you can send each day, add additional SMTP relays to your GoDaddy email account. To forward GoDaddy Workspace emails to Google Mail The GoDaddy Workspace E-Mail is the free e-mail you receive when you buy GoDaddy web site services from GoDaddy. Although this e-mail is useful for any kind of commercial communications, it's also hard to keep up with Gmail and this e-mail. What will it be like if you can retrieve both your GoDaddy and your own e-mail directly from your Gmail?

Remember that this facility not only allows you to get e-mails via Gmail, but you can also answer with your professional e-mail. What can I do to get GoDaddy e-mails via Gmail? Stage 1: Log in to your GoDaddy and click Manage in the Workspace e-mail. Stage 2: Click E-mail Setup Center for the e-mail you want to forward.

Stage 3: Open your Gmail in the new Gmail folder and go to the Gmail preferences via the gears symbol. 4: On the Accounts and Import page, click Add a POP3 mail account you own. You can find it in Mail from other checking accounts. Stage 5: Enter your GoDaddy e-mail and click the next one.

Stage 6: Type the mail preferences for the GoDaddy e-mail you are redirecting. Please use yourGoDaddy e-mail as your user name and your e-mail address here. The POP mail client can be accessed from the E-mail Setup Center, which you have opened in another workspace. Helps you identify which GoDaddy Workspace e-mails are going to Gmail.

7: Click Join my Contacts. Here you will be asked if you want to submit an e-mail as another e-mail you have. So, just go ahead and go to the next stage to set up the sending e-mail as your preferences. What is the best way to get Gmail to use GoDaddy e-mail? Stage 8: Include your GoDaddy e-mail and select Treat as alias if you are the sole holder of both your GoDaddy and GoDaddy e-mail addresses.

Select Next Steps. Stage 9: As in Stage 6, please type in your user name and your login name. You can find information about the mail setup center of GoDaddy e-mail for the mail setup center of the GoDaddy e-mail. You are strongly advised to use a secured line to post your message from Gmail. Steps 10: Check to see if you have a GoDaddy e-mail with the address you get after this last stage in your Gmail.

Once you've completed this last stage, you'll be able to use your Gmail to start sending and receiving GoDaddy emails. In order to prevent you from choosing to select an e-mail each time you respond from Gmail, select the'Reply from the same location to which the body was sent' checkbox in Gmail as an under Accounts and Import in Gmail box.

Though Gmail searches your GoDaddy e-mail message to find new news itemsutomatically. On the Accounts and Import page, you can click Review Now every time you sign in to Gmail. It' immediately checked for all news.

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