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Your software is so good that users tattoo the source code on their fleshiest body parts? 2018 Go Da-Dad Ratings - Genuine Go Da-Dad Web Hooking Ratings Users Dependable webcasting. It' gonna hinge on the level of customer care. A full reimbursement will be granted for those of our reimbursable and annual product offerings if cancelled within 5 business Days of the date of original retail order. If you cancel within 5 workingdays from the date of your order, you will get a full reimbursement for your product (s) of the month, but after that you will only be reimbursed for the idle period on your bank card and this will only be granted in the form of a month' s surcharge.

We have a 99.9% availability warranty for our sharedhosting accounts. How long does your customer care respond and what does it do? And what else can you say about your business and your products andervices? We are the leader in domains registrations and other SSL certificate related activities. For more information about our business, please click here and if you have any further queries about a particular business, please let us know.

There are a few customers I work for, and they have their names listed with Lordaddy, and the main issue is that the renewals communications from them is terrible........ E-mails weren't received and long words briefly, we skipped the windows to refresh the dot com, and eventually had to go to a dot org because they were being auctioned off of our $3000 site...not even cute, goaddy! Good luck doing the site, was a few years ago, but not much travel to bring it up to 3G!

We didn't decide to quit GoDaddy after innumerable long waste of time with your multiple technical staff. We were eventually given to understand that your apology for your system not working was that we had Apple machines. You are not in a position to receive assistance. Ultimately, your promise of cash back proves to be a loan for service when we abandon GoDaddy, a fraud.

We' ve chosen to put GoDaddy on your site, your blogs, your emails and your bad press in the footsteps of popular opinions at every opportunity our team has. Thank you for five years of pretexts, patchy services and bad corporate morals. That was just the practical experience of what we want to say about your enterprise in the near term.

That Godaddy is the baddest of the worse! Keep far away from this firm! Here is what happend to this very poor Godaddy web host: 1) You buy a web host. Godaddy, don't! I use GoDaddy for e-mail and in my 30 years of using GoDaddy I have never seen a more reliable and insufficient system.

I' ve been with Gadaddy for over a year. Well, I have to say that often the supporter is very eager to help. Receive e-mail timouts at least 5 or 6 daily. Not even Godaddy's engineering department had its time out. Appears like friendly fellows at the bottom (tech support), but is led by a number of sales-oriented managers with little or no understanding of technology and Web sites.

It is a merchandising site that is geared towards selling service. First of all, it is a marketplace to offer sales service........ the service is second to the sales. DON'T PICK FOR GODADDY..... As I purchased hosted service through goaddy and as some service is not hosted, I had to cancel the packet. More than 6 month have gone by now, but I'm still awaiting the answer from goingaddy.

GODADDY: SO I WAS SUGGESTING TO ALL MY SPECTATORS NOT TO PICK THE GODADDY LIKE. In my opinion, if you annoy Google "[insert a domainservice here]", you will get many results from dissatisfied users, no mater which services you use. GoDaddy has been good to me overall. Free e-mail services provided with the registrations are very reliable.

They can call for help around the clock, but the help can be unexpected. Even engineering support often tries to urge for up-grades, extensions or another type of support so you can buy more. I had a Joomla! problem on the services page and they couldn't help me (I found my own workaround).

But they helped me out when my e-mail was faked and their council solved the issue. Goddaddy sucks. I wonder why after 2 month of receiving a reimbursement receipt for my cancelled hosted schedule, I didn't get my funds back and the technical team didn't respond to my e-mails?

It seems I have to proclaim on societal networking sites that GoDaddy is a cheat who abuses people's cards. You indicted me again even though I cancelled my plans. I' d suggest this firm to my adversary.

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