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The Cruise Room Bar. The Craft Beer is a WordPress theme designed to create breweries, pubs or beerhouse websites. Best 21 Topic Bar in America And when most folks think of topic bar, their thoughts go either directly to the Temple of Theiki, Poker Bar or, even better, to the Hooters. However, these are 21 of our favourite potions that serve beers with one side of craziness. Topic: This two-storey department store is packed with odd popular devotional arts, velvets and other curiosities that you can gaze at while drinking rigid beverages, seated on a church bench and awaiting your visit at the alter of the Tischtennis-Tisch.

The Lovecraft is a place where you can make recordings in honour of the powerful Cthulhu and honours H.P., the writer of horrors, by essentially organising a one-year Halloween celebration, featuring a huge pentangle suspended above a dancing surface filled with creepy enthusiasts descending to DJs' kits and band metals in the midst of a ocean of nightmarish memories.

Smaller than Ant Man's holiday home, this geisek cave is the true business for cartoonists, with its cartoon panelled wall and enough nerd ish bricks to hang around to make it look like an 8-year-old's room of dreams. A $3 Shot-and-Tallboy offer is the place to get into more and more passionate argument about which Spider-Man film is the best before you realize there's zero Mary Janes in the join to confirm your point.

It' s Christmas around the clock in this Austin diving experience, illuminated by fairy lights with a Christmas atmosphere that becomes more and more fun with every hard beverage. Kuma Rich is renowned the globe over for delivering his burger metals - inspiring Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Pat Boone and Mastadon - to a deafening sound track, but his choice of beers is just as impressive as John Bonham on a Friday evening and contains enough local and nationwide choices to allow half a journey from Chicago to Detroit on Motörhead's coach.

Hell, over 350lbs of free eating clients, and the high-calorie burger come coupled with sugary beverages from the full bar. It' s an old-school go-go-go-go locale with a serious surreal effect and Cirque du Soleil's attitude when they abandon fantasy for a dive-bar themed. The bar is arranged like a mixture of an subterranean commando centre and a modem lounges and offers great Cocktails like the Bulleit/Fernet/Shiner Bock Texas Chainsaw and the neongreen Gamma Crush, stuffed with enough gun to give "Hulk smash" a new significance.

This SF commercial, which looks back at a period in which women were menacing and described a policeman as a tail, didn't get you to throw yourself down the throat, but paid homage to the classical noise with a stain that included a bar of reshaped steel slit, women's fatal shapes and trench-coated rubber shoes and type machines in which you can stretch out your in-house monolog in real-time.

If the topic did not come home, they will show classic songs like The Malta Falcon while you have Sam Spade at the bar. Although it means "drink, entertain, eat", this place in Miami will serve you meals and beverages in genuine bedding. You can order 40+ glasses in the ultra-modern environment while you sit on a comfortable armchair and pretend you're not just looking for the feminine section of the scientific textbook you got off the peg.

Imagine the Kalamazoo Bierbörse as the bar of The Wolf of Wall Street, with all the alcohol, but none of the fools or slutches. There' s a giant display of all 28 draught ales on the two-story brewery, with price changes as often as the NASDAQ numbers, causing storms to rate your favourite drink at varying rates.

Sometimes there is even a bubble in the markets that pushes the price of your favourite beers to a record low and turns happily ever after into a constantly evolving business. At the suggestion of Shaun of the Dead, Donny Dirk's introduces the Pub as a refuge from the threat of the Undead, a place where drinks and "immunization shots" are made from brewed alcohol and where you can stroll into the epocalypse with a little bit of a spin.

This Prospect Heights compound looks at first sight like an ordinary UK public house, with poor illumination, bricks and old style fittings. Though the man in black may have abolished the gravy later in live, this Russian Austin commercial celebrates Johnny's savage years. It' s a place with cash posters and souvenirs that you can gaze at as you put the grill in your face and drinking white wine as you consider bringing your weapons into the city.

Filled with strange paraphernalia that could have been stolen from Tim Burton's farm sales, the two storeys and the hand-immersed core dogs contribute to the atmosphere of the show and go well with beverages like Unicorn Jizz, which is essentially just a Marti gras. Message Flash: Reporters like the gravy (seriously, there are probably about 30 spelling mistakes in this story), and this cellar bar is paying homage to the enormous guilt of journalists for drinking by delivering classical coctails in a join decorated with old paper cuttings, type machines and other artefacts from the time when you actually bought a paper to get the shot every day.

Cafe Mox may be the only place where you can recover from your dwarf lord stage 6 stature, serving you an amazing selection of outdoor beers, or going to your own home, where you can take your D&D skill without being stopped by a donkey that plays Magic: The Geathering - the deck of cards that gave the bar its name.

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