Good Blog Design

Great blog design

There are 50 ways to enhance your blog design at the moment But more than just Blogging, I really enjoy beautiful Bloggs! But if your blog is difficult to browse, full of advertisements and not very organised, I go. Because your blog design is your first impress in the whole wide web, I think it's really important what your design looks like.

But on the other hand, if you have a nice blog with a nice topic, I'll probably come back several days just to see how nice it is. We should all be challenging ourselves just to look at our blog themes. Just a hello? A thousand colours that make your eye turn?

So here are my 50 (new and unique) ways to enhance your blog design. And since most of them influence your side bar, now is the best moment to upgrade and modify your side bar. Delete the Meta Tag widget/gadget and the Blogger Navbar. Removing the Blogger About Me generics cadget.

Easily create your categories or archives in the side bar (turn them into a drop-down menu or easy listing, not a 73 things list). Delete your affilate and group keys on a seperate page and simply place a hyperlink in the sideline. These are important for your blog. Delete or modify common text that comes with plug-ins, e-mail lists, or contacts form.

This blog just blew my game. but there are many possibilities. At the moment I use Genesis Simple Share Plugin and really like it! When an ad doesn't make a buck, take it out. Their blog property is valuable, and if an ad doesn't earn you anything, it has to disappear.

Say goodbye to a "I only take nice sponsorship spots" guideline. While it may seem snobbish, it makes for a nice blog. Act as if you were a first person to read and make a basic post that takes your person from one page to the next. Disconnect all automatic playing media from your computer.

Make a "Start Here" page and place a shortcut to it in the menus oridebar. Eliminate unnecessary displays that show other persons. that the old woman up in your side bar is you. When you have a thousand left, it is difficult to know what the strength and mainstay of the blog is.

They must be the turntable of your blog. Will you please make a note of it? Each blog has "big things" (colors, type, spacing) that can go wrong. The following checklist may include a blog creator setting to fix things, but please think about it. Place your Widget evenly to get an easily readableidebar.

Delete any additional spaces after theader. Modify the typeface and size of your mail title. Modify the layout of your newsletters. Widen the text of your blog. Modify your typefaces to make them more attractive. Delete the metatext with the inscription "Ginny published the 4:00 in the morning".

When your wallpaper is black, your reader's eye gets fatigued and switches to another blog. Make it easier on only 2-3 colours in your blog. Modify your comments system. You can either adjust the colours and scripts for the system, or simply load a plug-in like Disqus to better commented. Adopt an opt-in panel for a blog emailing.

Be careful that your pictures do not stretch into your side bar - ask your designers to specify the width of your pictures. Please let us know which design you optimize! View more Blogging & Design Posts: Do you like easy things that give you a little pleasure in the midst of everyday life?

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