Good Blog Websites

Great Blog Websites

It is by far not as difficult as setting up a website from scratch (very few technical skills required). And secondly, it keeps your website on the good side of Google. First step to finding a good blog name is choosing your theme.

50 most powerfull blog posts in the whole wide web.

Peter Rojas, not Ryan Block, formed Grigadget and co-founded Gizmodo. It would be useful to divide the story of politics blogs into the pre-Huffington and post-Huffington years. When Huffington in 2005 resolved to mobilize her wealth and medium ties to build a fundamentally open flag ship blog, she was mocked outright.

Arianna' s cash spoke as much out loud as it did offline, and the Huffington Mail quickly became one of the most powerful and beloved magazines on the Internet. Before Huffington, large broadcasters ignored or were afraid of the Internet; after Huffington, they began to deal with it as another market place open to plunder.

Most unlikely to pose this story: "I'm so over this history - checkout out the New York Times" Lego re-constructions of popular video and pie made in the form of iPods are generally not seen as pertinent to a serious policy discussion. However, the images of steam-powered CD player and Darth Vader dishtowels conceal a steel-hard, ultraliberal policy agenda: to defend the Web as a truly international media without state or entrepreneurial scrutiny.

The least likely to be to post: "Does anyone have a postage stamp? What is it? Launched in 2005 as a blog about Silicon Valley dot-com start-ups, Teccrunch has quickly become one of the most powerful newsgroups in the tech world. The founder Michael Arrington had experienced the Gold drush online as a barrister and businessman before he decided that the letter about new businesses was more of an option than setting them up.

Technorati's website has now been declared the third most beloved blog in the whole wide web, creating a small imperium of websites and conferencing. Arrington called Business Week one of the 25 most powerful individuals on the Internet, and Techcrunch has even conducted interview with Barack Obama and John McCain.

Techcrunch, with a hordes of starving geeks and big business on the Internet, is the biggest of a surge of technology-oriented bloggers opening up the blogging industry - GigaOm, PaidContent, and Mashable among them - but is often more controversial than its competitors thanks to Arrington's hostile relations with the incumbent press and its conflict of interest as an Investor itself.

Most unlikely to publish on YouTube? It will never prevail" One of the first blog trailblazers, web design pioneer Jason Kottke, began tracking interesting things on the web as early as 1998. It took off, which was partially promoted by strong ties to the beloved blog builders website Blogger (he later got married to one of the founders).

It is a collection of websites and article references and not a place to store your opinions in detail - and although it stays pretty much mystical, his favorite subjects are movie, academics, graphic designers and sports. Some important events contributed to Kottke becoming known: First, that he was accused of taking court actions by Sony because he broadcast TV show messages, but especially because he quit his web designer career three years ago and left alone.

One of the best-known face-to-face blogs (those who deliver more journals than a box of soap or a report service), Heather Armstrong has been posting since 2001. Although there were face-to-face websites that came before theirs, certain items plotted to make Dooce one of the largest open journals since Samuel Pepys (whose journal itself is available, transliterated into blog format, at

First and foremost, Armstrong became one of the first high-profile cases in which someone was dismissed for having written about his work. What happened triggered such a heated discussion that Dooce turned into a vernacular word (often without the user realizing its development): "dooced - being dismissed from the profession, as a straight consequence of one's own website".

From 2005, the income from advertisements in her blog alone has been enough to help her whole dam. The least likely to post: "I like baby, but I couldn't have eaten a whole", once synchronized as "Hollywood's most hateful website", Perezhilton (written since 2005 by Mario Lavandeira) is the chat site that prominent people dread the most.

Black Eyed Peas' Ferniego hinted at him in a track, and Avril called and asked him not to write more about her after blogging repetitively about her shortage of talents and her "freakishly long arm". Most unlikely to log in for Kofi Annan's web chat tomorrow" Joshua Micah Marshall was losing heart at some point during the controversial US 2000 elections, when Al Gore was supposedly beaten by a few suspended chad.

Having built a name for himself, Marshall now earns enough cash to lead a small crew of reporter who have been effective in snuffling politically scandalous conspiracies. I think in many cases the coverage we do is more straightforward than many things you see even on the front pages of big newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post," he said in an interviewer last year.

The least probable way to pose Barack is as, gnarled to the maximum' Pleased by a photograph of a smile cat, the idiosyncratic inscription "I Can Has A Cheezburger? And then, as the mood took them, they started a website that initially consisted of just one picture with captions, but has since become one of the most beloved blog sites in the whole hemisphere.

This blog's "language", used in the picture headlines, has contributed to its worldwide distribution and is known as Lolspeak, also known as Kitty Pidgin. Most unlikely to be posting, "Actually, dog's much more interesting..." One of the most frequently viewed blogging sites in the entire globe is Beppe Grillo, a beloved anonymous German humorist and policy writer, long personally non-gata on state television, who gets angry every day - especially by corrupt practices and finance scandals in his state.

Grillo's blog, satirical or otherwise, asks that the Naples and Campania peoples declared themselves independent, asks that Germany wage Italy to help its peoples ("We will hurl black and white elephants and mimosas at your Franz and Gunther as they walk through"), or tells of Grillo's current campaigns to launch a Bill of Popular initiative to get all members of the Legislative Assembly who have ever had a sentence out of state.

His blog gathered many demonstrators in 280 municipalities in Italy for his "Fuck You" day last September. Gawker was formed in 2002 by Nick Denton, a reporter who had previously worked on a First Tuesday web and entertainment network.

The Gawker Media flag ship continues to be Gawker Media's 14 blogged Gawker Media, despite being gossiped by former Gawker islanders, a click focus (which his Blogger is now paying based on clicks) and new fears of self-definition have prompted some to argue that Gawker has become more tabloid and celebrity and celebrity and it girl-oriented and less New York-centric.

Most unlikely to post: "We can only wish Rupert Murdoch well with his new project". The report began its existence as an e-mail tabloid and then became a trivial website with insignificant web site attendance. Jinglei is a beloved Chinese actor (and Letter From An Unknown Women director) who began a blog in 2005 ("I got the joy of expressing myself") that collected 11 years in just a few month.

5 million visitors and encouraged blogging by tens of millions of other Chinese. Technorati statistics, which had not yet included China in their computations, found that Jinglei's blog was the most beloved in the eyes of the public in 2006. Her blogging is undisputed, but quite thoughtful, and she tries to show a "real person" behind the notoriety.

Her blog exceeded the 1 billion klicks last year. Most unlikely to be posting: "Forget the kitties - get yourself a Kalashnikov." Treehugger is a consumers' blog with the aim of making a sustainability life style possible for the people. Treehugger is constantly among the top 20 Technorati bloggers and employs 10 people, but also has over 40 authors with different background in more than 10 different nations around the globe, who daily create more than 30 new articles in eight different areas that range from fashions and beauties, travelling and natural products to sciences and technologies.

There has been a dedicated developer base and has added a number of pop favorite features such as TreeHugger. tv and a user-generated blog, Hugg. Microsiervos, which began in 2001, takes its name from Douglas Couplands novel Microserfs, a diary-style introductory novel about online gamers. Alvy, Nacho and Wicho, three Madrid buddies who blog in Spanish, run it.

Microsiervos is the second most beloved blog in Europe and the thirteenth most beloved blog in the word (according to eBizMBA) and deals with sciences, oddities, strange realities, chances, games, riddles, quotes, plotting, computer, hacking, graphics and designs. Formal, cheerful and amusing, she moves from the message of an excentric new typeface to considerations of the Milky Way being discovered twice as thick as previously thought.

Most unlikely to post: "The web is so over" You want to keep unrelenting VIP talk up to date? Featuring a full of breaking-news tales, images and videotapes, the US site considers famous activities as commonplace as celebrities going to their automobiles, deserving of a posting videotape. Founded in 2005 by AOL, TMZ allegedly employed around 20 authors to keep the famous juices going.

Engladget provides the latest messages, rumors and comments, e.g. on a video system capable of following a person's face with automatic tracking, the latest high definition display or worries about visibility contamination caused by portable pickup lasers. Engladget, the world's most beloved blog about gaming and entertainment technology, was created in 2004 by Peter Rojas and won the Web Blogs Awards this year and every year since.

He was also co-founder of the competing blog Gizmodo. Regardless of what happens between now and November 4, you can be sure that the 2008 US Presidency elections will be among the most historic and tragic of all struggles. It' s a must to have an educated mind, but if you still can't tell your Iowa Caucus from your Feiler Faster Thesis, Marbury - a UK blog on US policy - is the place to be.

The least likely to post: "Is it just me or is Romney getting sweeter? Not only is she renowned on the web, but her writings, prescriptions, and interviewees, which have appeared in widely varying journals such as the New York Times, Le Monde, and the Sydney Morning Herald, have received worldwide attention in the medium.

Wikio recently ranked the eighteenth most powerful blog in the history of Wikio, Basic Thinking, with the slogan "My House, My Heaven, My Blog," with Robert Basic from Usingen, Germany, aiming to "courageously blog what no one has ever blogs before," and recently celebrated its 10,000th birthday.

Most unlikely to be posting'My home, my God - I need a life'. When I get an idea, it's quite easy. Go home and publish it on his blog. He has a keen sense for a good look, a present to snatch a picture on the horse shoe and an unshakeable passion for those who go the mile in the name of fashion.

The least likely is that you will have to "relax" in a shell suit. Receiving the protests on-line, Studies for a Free Tibet (SFT) is a worldwide, grass-roots student community dedicated to free Tibet, which has been under Chinese occupation since 1950. Pupils in Tibet are facing imprisonment for publishing on the website, but many have escaped to report on their experience in Tibet.

Featuring a story of instant campaigning, the group now unites global members via the Internet, posts blog posts to disseminate messages and protest, and uses websites like Facebook to collect money. SFT is planning to protest during the Beijing Olympics and blog as things evolve," says Iain Thom, SFT UK Country Coordinator.

Most unlikely, um,'Hey guys, any hot guys in the neck of Pal?! Last year Gawker Media started Jezebel - a blog aiming to become a brillant edition of a women's newspaper. There is the best lady-oriented letter on the Internet, along with many beautiful images of Amy Winehouse getting out of the car.

The least likely to post: "How to look thin while enjoying your husband! Gigazine was made by Satoshi Yamasaki and Mazaki Keito from Osaka and is the most beloved blog in Japan, containing the latest news about food and drinks, gaming, toys as well as other colorful products from the country's population. The least likely to post: "Has anyone seen these delightful crumple beaters?

In 2004, in the wake of Belle de Jour - the anonym Belgian woman who claims to be a sexual labourer - the young woman began to write openly and clearly about her vibrant sexual lifestyle with a single-track mindset. Until 2006 the blog was booked and released by Ebury and spend a lot of our free hours with bestselling listings, sand wipes and hiding behind the papers of serious looking commuteers.

Mashable is a online blog for the latest development, application and feature reviews on and for MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, and numerous lesser-known online community websites and service providers, with an focus on feature sets.

Most unlikely, but why don't you just call her? Stephanie Klein's blog allows her to "create an on-line scrapebook of my entire lifetime, full of sketches, photographs, and my everyday thoughts," or rather, to tell kitschy stories about bad dreams, sex meetings, and physical dysfunction. Klein's blog was so popular that he wrote a novel, straight up and dirty, and was published in numerous magazines and newspapers around the world.

The least likely to post: "Enough about me - what's your new? British blog is attracting 750,000 hits per months, and 240,000 celebrities are subscribing to the companion week-long mail-out. It is an entrenched source for newspapers columns - both tabloids and broadsheets - and there is every day "News from the Molehill" in London's free The Metro.

This blog will no longer post images taken while "pursuing car and bicycle people", "celebrities with their children", "people in need photographing" and outside the service. However, don't think that means the ever-present celebrity blog that sent showers to the country's office on "Mail-Out Day" is slowed down - there was talk of an expansion of the Holy Spirit into television.

What do you think of the new Hanif Kureishi? Most web usage polls show a fairly balanced sex ratio on-line, but men dominate politics related to the blog. Michelle Malkin, a consummate journalist and writer with one of the most widely viewed consumative blog posts in the US, is an exceptional one.

This makes her one of the most powerful woman on the Internet. The least likely Obama's got a nice face, is that it? It is a clean term, jug - just a mere conflation of "ugly" and its previous swearword - but these three characters have become an whole fuggling game.

The least likely to be posting Oprah big in those stretch jeans in the " Centers in a careers as an ad man in New York, was Hugh MacLeod, who scribbles acidic and almost surrealistic cartoons on the back of people's calling card to spend the day indoors. The things began to explode as he tuned up his online demos, and as he was building an audiences through his blog, he began to write about his other passions - the new realm of comprehending how to adjust your advertising to the new realm of the web.

If someone has stolen your camerawork, taken it for the nights to party where you're not even cold enough to visit it in the mornings, you'd probably find it with images like the one featured on DirtyDirtyDancing. What's more, you'll be able to find it with a lot of fun!

Originally the pleasure was to sign up to see if you made it to the site - your odds rise exponentially if you' re pretty and avant-garde and hanging out in the more edgy parts of London club and party - but now the site can get up to 900,000 visits per months from around the globe.

Titled after Immanuel Kant's celebrated assertion that "nothing is straightened out of the bent wood of humanity," it is a fusion of scholarly and policy writings that, since its inception in 2003, has pushed itself into the epicenter of smart debate.

Founded as an online super group that brings together several favorite IP blogging sites, today Brooked Timber has 16 members - mostly graduates - in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia. This website has established a name for itself as a kind of brainchild; a kind of think tank of philosophy that is carried out globally through a blog.

The least likely to post: Did anyone see the accident last evening? Beansprouts is a blog that combines journal, opinions and eco lifestyles advice and searches for the "good life" of a hostage. About two years ago Rimmer founded the blog when she first got the quota and said that she felt it was rewarding to write about it.

Contributing once a diurnal, often more, the discussions can cover the 10 most important applications for apple to the production of quilted blankets. Abside is a UK-based blog that covers the world' s major players, collects messages and images about everything, invites innumerable game stories and promotes debate about everything from the assault of a giant league of blue ant on a Sao Paulo third league footballer to the particular quality of each of Cristiano Ronaldo's objectives so far this year.

Regarded by many as the best "serious" blog in the match, he still respectlessly promises: "If there is a sexual scandal in England, we will get caught in the midst. The slogan of a new bookshelf that will be on UK bookshelves is "In Paris, in Paris, in charity, in trouble", but if it would tell the whole tale, perhaps it should also be "In public".

In a few klicks and an instant she made her own blog and quickly assembled supporters who followed her Parisian lifestyle, the tense relationships with her spouse and the adventure with her newborn. However, Sanderson's employer soon found out about the blog and promptly dismissed her. The least likely to post: I've talked enough about myself, what do you think?

Crooks and Liars was created in 2004 by John Amato (a pro-sax and flute player) and is a progressive/liberal policy blog with over 200 million viewers to date, featuring videos and audioclips by policy makers and commentators on panels, broadcast and television. Reader posts a wide range of commentaries on policy talk points of the day, though 9/11 plot theory is often removed, and there is a newspaper review of noteworthy histories on other policy blogs. 9/11 plot theory is often removed.

The least likely to post: "So what is a faction? For Clothilde Dusoulier, a young lady who works and lives in the computer sector in the Montmartre area of Paris, the creation of a blog was an opportunity to awaken her limitless passion for eating without having to worry about bore her mates.

More than five years later, one of the most beloved cookbooks, chocolate and courgettes, has evolved from a pastime to a full-time job. Every single night the mix of an insider's eye on Paris gastronomy, chatty, bi-lingual typing and the utterly irresistible nature of their prescriptions attracts tens of millions of readers. She says the blog's name is a good catchphrase for her culinary style: "The courgette shows my commitment to a wholesome and wholesome diet.... and the dark chocolate is my distinct flavour for everything cute.

Samizdata is one of the oldest blog in Great Britain and probably the least published. Posted by a pile of anarcho-Libertarians, fiscal insurgents, Eurosceptics, and wild individuals, it has a particular slot in the politics blogosphere: like a diving pole, on the streamlined side of the boundary between marginalization and foamy outcry.

Most likely least to be posting, I'd say it's six from one, half a dozen from the other " Andrew Sullivan is an exhibit Brit, blogs pioneering and defier-in-chef of America policy stereotypes. What I'd say is that he's a great blogger. The UK inaugurated its first ever female internetzine in 2001 and is in charge of relaunching the debate on women in the UK.

Published by Jess McCabe and receiving some 3,000 visits a year, the website is devoted to a platform for modern female voice with a blog, articles on stereotyping and stereotyping, a podcast on adult life and periodic criticism. What would be the different between a female and a comdom?

Often seen as a sluggish, softly satirized example of how things are in today's villages, it's often seen as a blog site comedy, attracting not only a faithful readership, but also a committed Facebook fans' group that desperately wants to find out the true meaning of the joke behind the site.

Most unlikely to pose to OMG, I saw Jessica Simpson in Lidl and she autographed my ass! Established in 2000 by Peter Robinson, it connects random with musical messages and harsh criticism, all hilariously funny and dazzlingly accurate. Personally, I like Pierre Boulez's interpretations of Mahler's "third" lie not quite the right words for this anthology of meticulously designed tales from the hot end of the services sector in a bustling New York dining establishment.

The least likely is that the client is always right" The web is not exactly on the verge of chat sites that give bizarre rumors about who did what to whom, but some set themselves apart from others. Hecklerspray was described as a UK based equivalent to Perez Hilton, but it is different in important respects: the focus here is on stile and humour, with the declared goal of "recording the ups and downs of everything populistic and niche-like in the dull and entertaining world".

If you can't say anything nice..." WoWinsider is a blog about WoWinsider, the world's most beloved on-line role-playing universe, which pays over 10 million monthly subscription fees to steer an Avatar (a selected 10 race character) and let him discover lands, complete missions, develop abilities, battle deadly creatures, and interacted with other people' creatures.

The blog recently said that America's Homeland Security is seriously looking for a terrorist who operates within WoW. Most unlikely to post: "Who likes a play of spacesavers? Angry Black Bitch, which carries the slogan "Practising the fine art of Bitchitude", is the four-year-old blog of Shark Fu from St. Louis, Missouri.

Stylebubble is just a journal about what she is wearing and why, says Susie Lau, a stylish designer journalist. Their impact is so great that trend writers review their blog, Chanel invite them to launch products and marketers have called. Most unlikely to post: "I even have my utg y boot in bed". Afterellen looks disrespectfully at how the gay society is portrayed in the medium.

The name of the website, launched in 2002 by lunatic popular cultural hero Sarah Warn, nods to the ground-breaking moments when Ellen DeGeneres appeared on her successful TV show Ellen in 1997. LGBT and BEXT EXIUAL WOMENS have since gone from the edge to prime time TV and this blog analyzes the good, the evil and the unpleasant as they are presented.

The least likely to be posting George Clooney - I wouldn't throw him out of bed" It's sober, genuine and ear-splittingly handy, but for an on-line blog posting Copyblogger, established in 2006, is remarkable interesting. It is an indispensable resource for anyone trying to make their voice heard on-line, whether by posting comments in a forum for discussions or by creating a company website.

Most unlikely after the topic "Social networks - it's only one phase" - This item was modified on Friday, March 14, 2008. Ryan Block has mistakenly said in the above story that he started Engadget and co-founded the blog Gizmodo. Unlike many messaging organizations, we have not set up a paidwall - we want to keep our coverage as open as possible.

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