Good Design Portfolio

A good design portfolio

It' s no secret what designer and illustrator Robby Leonardi does when you visit his design portfolio. Twenty fantastic design collections to look at before you create your own. Diversity is one of the major advantages of design portfolio. Pick 5 successfull artist and you will probably have 5 radical different design portfolio. However, the same "anything goes" paradigm can be a problem if you are a design professional who wants to build your own portfolio to attract people.

This could lead you to look for some sample design portfolio qualities.

Not only are the following collections handsome and imaginative, they also include those who have made the big leap in this vast global design/illustration industry and whose name has been linked to key customers and well-known branding. In other words, these are the design portfolio of succesful artist. We' ve done a great deal of research because we wanted to show you some of the best design portfolio currently available on the Internet.

Whether you need to inspire your own website, strive to enhance your portfolio and gain a better position, or just look for interesting design talent, we trust this contribution will deliver the value you are looking for. So let us immerse ourselves in the beauties that these gifted designer's offer the globe.

Create 20 breathtaking design collections to create your own! Pawel's design portfolio is characterized by a beautiful full-screen design with bricklayer portfolio items all presented on a neat blank backdrop. First thing you'll see here is the statically full-screen headers that represent one of the artist's works, followed by the portfolio as you move down.

Briefly, all his sketches are redesigned in a watercolour painting technique. This place is marked by a collection of great optical features, and his works give the feeling of deepness. We have a "designer in SF who specializes in 3-D interaction". But Danny's website is minimalistic, with a clear wallpaper and a raster portfolio divided into three pillars.

Danny Jones' easy design style, along with the magazine-style typeface and large headlines on each page, makes his presentations interesting. It was a great portfolio present, which I liked very much. Believe me, this is one of those design collections that you love to explore - you should try it!

Design of the website is minimalistic, as the art work is self explanatory. If you visit the Stefano Colferai website, you will see an erect menue with an Animated Company Sign on the right and a mesh galery on the right of the display. It has a different design style, with the gif-ed image of the performer on the home page and various hidden effect in the back (alias the mouse pointer shows you information about the writer when you accidentally move the mouse).

Once you have stared at the homepage for a while, surprised by what you see, you will find that the portfolio display case is not common either. After clicking, they appear in stylish full-screen slide shows. This is a good example for you if you like distinctive design portfolio. Since Paula Rusu presents her work in a Zig-Zag style - one right and one bottom right - she loves the Zickzacks.

The large portfolio elements adhere to a design on the clear and tidy background: two vertically arranged portfolio elements in two rows (one next to the other), followed by a horizontally arranged picture (landscape style). Lotta decided to present her illustrations in a raster for the illustration panels. It is the simple nature of this portfolio that makes it so attractive.

Aside from the parallel axis and the fully featured intro, which gives you a fast walk through the designers' works, the other parts are also very special, full of mobile and colourful features. ToyFight is so dynamically designed that you should see for yourself if you don't want to miss a great portfolio slide... Portfolio items all over the place, in full view all over.

Contrary to the visual stunning homepage presentations, the About section (in this case Info) looks like the credit page of a journal - a pure biography of an Author that works and provides citation. From Glasgow, Steven Bonner presents his landscape-like works in a full-screen format that shows one stile after the other. In addition to Steven's web-based design, he also develops concept design for tangible goods (such as drinks labels, posters, confectionery packaging, etc.).

On the other side of Stevens' website is a minimalistic and economic information page. Lahan uses the wall stile and lets his works talk for themselves. It is a minimalistic design and lay-out, full of cheerful and colourful sketches that will keep you occupied while you scroll. Not only is our local artisan a freelance graphic and design professional, but he is also a decorator who likes to decorate interior spaces with his own handmade work.

Lahan also created several cover art for some of the titles on the website. In contrast to the artist we have introduced so far, Rakesh creates portable and web-based user interface, which includes brand- and logoscapes. Visually, the design of his website is evidence of his good tastes in web design. Actually, Rakesh's writing is one of a kind, which makes it difficult to describe.

Mumkai is a design company from the Netherlands that uses a beautiful half-half homepage design. Clicking on a particular item will expand it until it appears in a specially designed way in full-screen mode. In fact, it's the cartoon that makes Momkai so different; most of her items are cartooned, along with the artwork. It is one of the design portfolio that is really enjoyable.

Return to the country of 3-D, where Elias from Stockholm presents his website via a full-screen headers that presents some examples of his work. Visiting his portfolio, you will receive a two-column presentation containing both completed customer assignments and excerpts from the experimentation he has carried out over the years.

If you click on the category, you will see a clear listing of a page containing the pictures of the project he has worked on so far. Like Steven Bonner's portfolio, Taylor uses the same design and lay-out styles, only with clicking elements and sleek floating effect elements that create a unique, magazine-like counter.

To see more of Taylor's design, see the archives section for additional design ideas. In Cristian, an interesting display case presents a slide show in which each element covers the entire display area. This website is completely in full mode; it usually contains media and shows as little text as possible.

We have two writers this year, who create a contemporary website for their complementing design portfolio and choose a stylish bricklayer galery with stunning effect for their high value design and illustration. Accompanied by a pretty scroll of parallaxes, this stylish display case is a perfect companion. As you step to the side, a cheerful and merry carttoon with hovering features greets you, followed by another cheerful box slide and a brickwork galery with colours and fun tales reminiscent of coloured pencils.

As soon as you step on this page, you get a cheerful mood and can quickly hit the designer's inscription. When you want to buy the print version of your project, you can order it through the shop area, which is a good example of integrating design portfolio with eCommerce capabilities. This page is a full frame wallpaper in full color with the author's name in the middle, resulting in a visual contrast about section containing her drawings and work specimens.

At the bottom of the homepage you can see Stephanie's portfolio in a gridsallery. Elements open on new pages, where all works are shown by horizontally zooming - you have to move them right and right with the cursor. Karol K. is responsible for layout and presentations.

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