Good Launcher

A good launcher

Numerous options and adjustments are hidden in a very successful launcher, both aesthetically and practically. Now Google The Launcher is the best way to give your mobile a distinctive look. Google Player has many different choices, but which ones should you choose? Lots provide functionality lacking in default Android and other user-defined interfaces. In 2018 we tried the most famous Android Launcher applications.

When your mobile doesn't have a user -defined user surface and you don't like it very much, Google Now Launcher is the answer.

It is inserted via your phone's own user surface, which is built on a look of Vanilla Android. It' not the user surface you will find on pixels cellphones; this is the initial Android material look that is seen before the pixels look. It stays very neat - and actually looks a bit funnier than the UI-Pixels.

Now Launcher is a good way to remove the undesirable extra in your phone's spyware. Desperately for Pixel UI? However, if you want the gesture-based feeling of the pixel surface, there are many other possibilities. Several launcher applications have been around almost as long as Android itself.

One of the newer features is one of the Launcher features. As the user interfaces of pixels mobile and some other new flagship devices, it uses gesture to switch between Home screens and Apple Maps. I feel like a much more customizable copy of Google's own Pixel UI. You can, for example, select how many lines and column fits on the application tray and the color of the transparent application wallpaper.

It also optimizes the application alert requests that pop over the application icon and display it as a small circular pattern with a number inside. While Microsoft may have stopped building its own telephones, it still has one of the most interesting and sophisticated customized Android launches out there. The Microsoft Launcher is well suited for large Android machines, as it is able to accommodate a lot of information and symbols on any display - and it does not need empty whites to guarantee good legibility.

With many new handsets, a single stroke will take you from a home screen up to the top of the application tray. Microsoft Launcher opens a doorway with recently used applications and switching control for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and aircraft modes. Foreseeable is the primary goal of Microsoft with Microsoft Launcher that you can use Microsoft utilities such as calendars and Cortana.

The Microsoft Launcher is not suitable for everyone, but it gives your Android a totally different feeling. The Nova Launcher has been around since 2011, but over time it has developed much better than most others. His mid-2018 reincarnation looks and feels like an ultra-customizable user experience of Google's own telephones.

The first time you download it, you can select whether you want to open the application tray at the touch of a key or by deleting it, and you can select either "light" or "dark" as the topic. After five seconds you have one of the most clean and tasty launcher. As you delve further into the Nova Launcher setup, you will notice many optimizations.

It looks much better than the Nova Launcher from a few years ago. And you can select whether to rearrange the apple tray in a horizontal or vertical direction, with choices for Google-style layout and a longer alphabetical look. However, most people will probably be satisfied with the free Nova Launcher. The launcher does not attempt to mimic the appearance of traditional Android.

The most interesting one is the apple tray. It proves useful for large Android tablet users who are angry about how little room is actually used on the canvas. For example, you can make a duplicate home page tape to boot up the application tray, or a pink to shut down the notification role. They can also'hide' appeals, which is a top-of-the-line feat in the competitor Nova Launcher.

She does a greatjob by making extremely Android layout look quite good. They can use most launcher without having to pay a cent. Please be aware that a free reinstall will sometimes publish an ad in your app tray that none of us wants. But you can try the BlackBerry phone's soft-feeling, such as the Key2, without purchasing one.

As for the user surface itself, it is very similar to the standard Google theme, but with a few extra features.

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