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Well-looking blogs

I have literally looked through hundreds of blogs in all kinds of niches trying to find blogs suitable for different parts of the book. Even good-looking blogs make it. I' ve been blogging for dummies for over five month now. This means that I want to present many, many great blogs in all their splendour. There are so many nice, vibrant, beautiful, brave or whatever superlatives you want your blogs to have, just toss it out.

The design is not only about what you see - the colours, the lettering, the aesthetics.

Just how simple it is for you to actually browse your blogs or even post them to them. So here are seven bugs that some blogs do with great-looking designs: Have you ever been to a website or blogs and found that some of the theme was truncated on the side? The reason is that this site was created with a fixed-width page that contains important information in an area greater than your display size (for simplicity's sake, I assume that your web page is the full width of your screen).

When you have an appealing look, a headline adjusts itself to every display line you choose. Allows you to test your designs on more than one device with this highly reactive testers. When your blogs do not respond, a very secure width is 960 pixel. When someone frequents your blogs with a broader display, they will simply see more of your wallpaper on the pages.

Blogs want to get the reader more deeply into their blogs and one way to do this is to link old postings with newer ones. But I' ve seen many blogs with bright colour patterns that choose a very bright, difficult to see colour for their links (and for the navigational menu).

Again, we want our users to be able to read our contents, not just ooh and ahhh about our blogsign. I have seen many blogs that make it almost impossibly to find older postings except to go one by one through the latest postings. Offer a few choices so your viewers can browse your content: a listing of your favorite reviews, a category dropdown box, recent reviews, related reviews, and so on.

When you want your blogs to be shared, make it simple! The majority of folks have a way to split and twitter a contribution, but Pinterest is still often overlooked. Perhaps it's just me, but certain parts of the theme look like they should be ticked.

Every time I see an awards Badge or any kind of buttons, is it incorrect to think it should be linked to a page about that accolade? Or, if you have a pass stating that you are a participant on another website, should it not be linked to your contributions on that website (or at least go to its home page)?

Apart from tagging and badging, some graphical items with arrowheads or > look as if they should take the readers to a specific location. Everyone who has ever used a blogsite will tell you that one of the most annoying things about blogs is that they don't have a contacts page or an easy to see "contact me" hyperlink or the like.

The same nuisance for someone who writes a diary on blogs *grins*. Do they ever know how to differentiate graphical items that they keep in your blogs or take away? Currently I run a 6-digit blogs that helps on-line bike users find their a-ha moment with can-do hints, tutorials and on-line lessons.

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