Good Portfolio

A good portfolio

So, if you don't want a particular type of client, don't display this type of work in your portfolio. Portofolio by Meg Reid Designs by Megireid. One does not have to be a graphic designer to have a striking portfolio.

You confirmed our theory.

You confirmed our theory. Our newsletter is only for cool people - and you are one of them. Dear designers, jetez un coup d'oeil à nos concours en cours, soumettez vos designs et gagnez ! There' s room's here for your competition, let's get started ! CI design and corporate design for IT enterprise "ensoco" Is it possible that a wellness revolution can begin with a good corporate name?

Embroidery for " Tin Car Capitals " embroidery of a funny embroidery for a doctor's office in Georgia! For Darwin VR we need a great logotype, we are specialized in 3D Capture.

Brilliant Hack Transforms Instagram into a Design Portfolio Site

A good portfolio is a must as a design artist. However, there is another flawless portfolio page that hides in the plain: Instagram. And Ji Lee, a Facebook and Instagram based design artist working on creating strategies for Instagram, has recently published a portfolio entirely on Instagram as a face-to-face work. Instagram's user interface raster became the basis for his portfolio, where each contribution on the raster becomes almost like a menue for a particular Lee working on specific projects.

Every contribution has tagged links to other instagrams where Lee updates his work continuously. "It' s much simpler than upgrading a portfolio site, which is usually time-consuming and boring," he says Co.Design by e-mail. All contributions are labelled, which simplifies navigating - some contributions have wider designations such as "Editorial Art", while others proclaim certain types of work.

By clicking a contribution, you can often browse through photographs from that particular artist using Instagram's relatively new slideshow feature. And Lee also marks the contributions with another of his Instagram account numbers, so you can examine your work more closely. Tapping for example on his Univers Revolution 3D Alphabet and you will see a day named Universvolved.

When you click it, the day leads you to a complete Instagram record associated with the work. And Lee is hoping that others will hijack his mincemeat and make Instagram an entrenched place for creative people to create their portfolio s-especially since everyone's already on the site.

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