Good Theme Music

Theme music

The Hardy Boyz WWE theme. TITANIAN: This is the best of the Hollywood movie theme music belongs to. Let me have a new good dynamic theme. It doesn't matter to me if the symbols are changed, but it needs some nice music.


Every good theme and every good theme should immediately determine the atmosphere and identify a TV series". "We began with a beautiful motion picture cover shot for us by The Ebeling Group in New York. We' ve worked with TEG to create a storyboard and an opening shot that capture our sound track-mind.

It was a ploy to find the right music. We teamed up with Vampire Weekend for our 2010 pilots to perform their track "A-Punk" and it worked like a charme. The music we looked at was that we had used in various promotions and trailer shows for our show, among them Florence and the Machine, Coldplay, Amadou & Mariam, Manu Chao, The Beatles and the Staple Singers' old R&B track "I'll Take You There".

" We then tried a new track, "Little Talks", by a young Icelandic group, Of Monsters and Men, which immediately started clicking. You' ve probably already listened to Little Talks. This was a 2012 blockbuster tune for Of Monsters and Men and a downloadable 2012 album. Every goddamn fucking minute we listen to it, Little Talks soundin' new.

" "Genuine music," the group called it. We not only made "Little Talks" the title track of our show, but also asked the rest of the guys to perform it and another track, "Dirty Paws", for our on-line show "Quick Hits". "They played as a bonuses a third track for us, "Mountain Sound", which became the "Global Hit" in this happening of sounds tracks.

Monsters and people who are members: We also needed music to transfer our credit and serve as a bridging between our histories. We contacted Piers Faccini, who wrote music for the BBC and Channel 4 in the UK. Maybe you've also listened to his powerful track "A Strorm is Going to Come", which can be found in an Episode of "Grey's Anatomy".

We had listened to his record "Two Grands of Sand" and looked at and referred to a track, "Your Name No More", which proposed the kind of music we were looking for. Piers was composing and recording exactly the kind of songs we needed from his home theater. It'?s 1,000 miles.

" This is where you can hear the whole thing. Its line about "a pair pairs of boots for every man" is correspondingly egalitarian and fits perfect to our characteristic picture of hiking steps running across our sound tracks trackage. There is a drifting, atmospheric feel to the whole thing that we like.

With Pier's music we catched up with him in 2011, when he was on the road in San Francisco, after the publication of his record "My Wilderness. These are the texts for "1,000 Miles".

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