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Instructions on how to use the best themes on Android Both Android and imos are about to celebrate their tenth anniversary, and that shows. Each platform has become a highly regarded, sophisticated OS used by millions of smart phone operators around the globe, and while both have their own unique characteristics, they both provide similar enhanced functionality and option. This is where most consumers have their favorite choices between the two plattforms. iPOS provides a more versatile range of premium gaming and application choices, as well as the rugged iMessage message system.

Android on the other hand celebrates frankness and individuality so that the user can personalise and alter the basic Android topic in a variety of ways. Android provides our customers with the ability to make the telephone their own, from third-party application shops to completely new launches, and one of our preferred ways to customise our telephones is to use designs.

Topics are an interesting way to customize your mobile when it comes to your mobile needs. Rather than just modifying the background image or ring tone on your mobile, a look changes almost every visible part of your mobile all the way from your background image to your symbol look. Whilst some opt to gradually modify the look of their phones, designs allow for an all-encompassing customisation.

The first includes an integrated themes search for specific telephones. Several vendors, such as Samsung or LG, decide to incorporate a themes Engine for their own modificated version of Android, which makes it possible to implement themes at system-level. Unfortunately, Android does not yet have a built-in themes search function, so if your mobile vendor doesn't integrate one into its own application, it's a little harder to customize your mobile - but not an impossibility.

Certain launcher types allow you to deploy a design that was directly downloadable from the playlist. Obviously, there are literally hundred and hundred of themes to choose from and dozens of different kinds of idea - and we'd be lying to tell you that they're all winning. When you are looking for a good topic, you need to know where to look.

Here we explain how you can design your Android mobile independently of the brand - then we take a look at some of the best designs available on Android. Of course, aesthetics are in the viewer's eyes, so we have created a checklist of topics while doing our best to ensure that everyone is catered for with their own interests and wishes.

Have we missed a great topic? Not every telephone comes with an integrated themes search. To be brief, we will go over all manufacturers' topic options to find a telephone-agnostic way to thematize your telephone so that every readers out there can track our guidelines.

And, like most customisation on Android, the first thing we need is a great, easily customisable launch tool. There' a variety of high end starters on Android, from ActionLauncher 3 to NovaLauncher and everything in between. While we have a seperate guideline for the best layouts you can get for your Android machine, at the moment we stick to two different layouts for our layouts:

The ZenUI and the C-Luncher. From Asus, a well-known producer of phones and laptops, ZenUI is the standard startup program that ships on your mobile and tray set. All Android users can download the free launch service from the Adobe Store so that they can download, use, and download their Android mobile phones, regardless of who actually made them.

Definitely the layman himself definitely does not just touch and touch like another Android layman like Apex or Nova. Instead, ZenUI concentrates on being straightforward and user-friendly, with an eye for gesture and pass on your machine. However, the reasons why we chose it as one of our featured launches for our Thematization Guides are simple: it comes with an integrated themes engines, with thousands of themes available for downloading to fit your equipment.

It' faster and faster and provides many design choices for your unit - you can choose an all-in-one design or use symbol packages and background images independently. Our themes stores are also constantly upgraded, so you'll never have to rely on the same themes for a month before you find something new that you like.

The second highlight of our product range is C launcher, a prestigious third-party launchers with over 10 million installations on Android. It may not come from as well-known a name as Asus, but it offers both downloading themes and a do-it-yourself theme machine that lets you create your own themes whenever you want.

Just like ZenUI, the C Launcher does not look like a Stock-Android-Luncher, neither for good nor for bad. Either app supports its own themes storefronts, but can also add ZenUI or C launch themes from the playlist. The great thing about supporting the Try Shop is the possibility to browse or collate certain themes instead of limiting yourself to how the ZenUI or C launcher themed shop collates its own themes.

Several of the best themes we found for both launching applications were found in the playlist, and we'll let you know where we found them in the best-of below. Let us first take a look at the themeing choices of ZenUI, our favourite among the two launches suggested above. It is difficult to organize the available themes in ZenUI, as already mentioned - the themeshop contained is restricted in its display option to post from the newest to the oldest, regardless of other collation rules.

If you scroll through the topics individually, it may take some browsing until you find one you like. Fortunately, there are also some themes for ZenUI in the playlist, so it's simple to browse some of the additional themes. Contrary to themes uploaded via the installer itself, themes in the playlist are uploaded just like you upload any application, so you can easily delete and deinstall any themes you don't like or don't need.

In order to include topics from ZenUI itself, you must keep the button pressed anywhere on your home page to access the Manage Home option. You can display a dozen themes and customizations here, and there are a few you should keep in mind. Firstly, Home Edit allows you to modify the appearance of your home page, regardless of the topic you are using.

Easily create or delete pages, resize and align symbols on the home page, resize typefaces and text, and colour the names on your symbols yourself. Without any extra themes added to your ZenUI Intro, this is a serious adjustment in itself. Take a look at the different types of text fonts: there are a dozen types of text available and you can even get extra text style applications from the Game Store.

Returning to the "Manage Home" tab, there are a few other things we should look at before diving into the topic choices. And if you choose to separate your background images and symbol packages instead of using ZenUI-supported themes, you can do so by choosing the Background Images or Symbol Packages option.

They both present the system option for icons and wallpaper as well as the possibility to get more icons and wallpaper from the ZenUI themed shop and the Play Shop. When you tap the menu "Launcher Theme", a full listing of the designs available from Asus is loaded for the launch, and there are many selections.

Every topic comes with a combination of background image and symbolpack which guarantees a coherent feeling on your mobile device. It' s noteworthy that the symbol packages you support do not cover the whole of your phone's application libraries - you should use a third-party symbol package from the Play Store. Instead, the Asus themes concentrate on the system application Icons skinning - your cameras, text messaging applications, phones, etc. - and the Asus themes are all focused on the system application itself.

Too many Asus topics are here to be highlighted, so we recommend that you go through the whole listing to see if there is anything you like. While you can also search the Game Store for available ZenUI themes, please be aware that many Zen-specific themes demand a current ZenFone from Asus, not just the ZenUI Starter.

After all, you can search here for a ZenUI themes for your downloaded devices. Several of our favourites are a Pixel Topic Package launch package and a Pixel Topic Package designed with Pixel Topic Matter. Once you've chosen to do without ZenUI to get something with a little more adjustment in the themes search box, you're not alone.

It is not a surprise why CL has such a large fan base. Whilst some may find that the launcher is a little preoccupied - and we found the advertising for apps on the home page a little confused - others may find that the launch is one of the best third-party theme launches and the telephone really feels like your own.

When you first installed C Launcher, you will see a link to the themed shop attached to your home page by default. Click on the link in the top right corner of the window. In contrast to ZenUI, C Launcher's themed shop has a variety of different sort order choices, making it simple to search by C Launcher staff's favorite, categorical, or hand-picked recommendation.

It' s like an own Apple Retailer, where the first page shows "picks" and a big advertising billboard. Move from right to left to find the themes you' ve just uploaded and find a link to downloading the themes from the Play Shop. A few of these topics have over 100,000 hits, an absolute crazy amount for one topic, so take your pick of your time and browse through some of them.

When you are concerned about using a topic with advertising, look for the View Store links that indicate whether or not the topic is advertising-financed. The next page back in the C Launcher themes application provides you with a long listing of themes by which you can organize your downloads.

Every design contains a user-defined background image that is exclusively for the C Launcher design, as well as an Icons pack that can lend user-defined forms to a dozen of symbols on your smartphone skin and even other symbols. First at the top of the page you will find a shortcut to C Launcher's own customized design API, which uses your phone's web browsers to create a design of your choice.

Choose your background image, your icons and your topic is packed for you. The great thing about C Launcher's own themes search Engine compared to other choices on Android is the possibility to see a thumbnail of your themes before you complete the whole one. As soon as you land on something you like, give your design a name and choose the design from the page list.

In fact, you can even submit your design to your own shop at your own brand of brand to be shared with other brand users, and when you return to the themed page, you can search the full range of designs submitted by the users to see if you like something. Although we've found ZenUI's launchers capabilities to outperform those of ZenUI, we can't help but denying that ZenUI is one of the best applications you can get from the Apple Retail Shop by mixing and matching icons packages, wall papers and a themes constructor into a full launchpack.

Topics do not end with symbol packages and background images. To make the whole thing even more enjoyable, you can integrate some extra applications on your mobile with which you can add custom Widgets, Ring Tones, Alert Tones and anything else you want in a themes package not available via ZenUI or C Launcher.

Obviously, there are a lot of additional choices that are ideal to change some of the functions and preferences on your mobile so let's take a look at some of the best. This offers ring tones that have been added by the users (a small grey area when it comes to copyrights, so let's slip it this time) and alert tones that help make the mobile experiences on your mobile feels more enjoyable.

Zedge has everything from beloved tunes and charts to more special niches, plus videogame themes and even a remix of classical ring tones, you're sure to find something you like on Zedge. Your choice of wallpapers is somewhat feeble, but it is a good idea to look around just to see if you can find something you like.

You can' t be much better than Zooper widget and Zooper widget Pro, the well-known customisable widgetmaker available at the playlist, when it comes to customisable widgets. What's more, you can't be much better than Zooper widget and Zooper Widget Pro. There'?s no better offer on the playlist for how much you can do with the game. You can find samples of some of the great widgets that have been built with Zooper's own proprietary platforms in some of the world-class Zooper applications right on the playlist.

After all, there are many great wallpapers for Android if you're just looking for a new, refreshing finish instead of a full cell phone makeover. One of our most popular wallpapers are Google's own wallpapers, an application designed for the pixel telephone before it was posted to the playlist for everyone to use.

Wall papers features a large choice of Google backgrounds and its own range of applications, like Walli - another great wall paper one. There is not the broadest range of choices of wallpapers, often restricted to what is already in use, but there is one thing that many other applications don't have: the possibility to update your desktop every day with a particular type of desktop that you will surely like.

For a little more options in your own desktop application, we suggest you visit our popular online wallpapers application, the backdrops, on the playlist. In contrast to wallpapers, almost every single working day offers the user a brand-new, exclusively designed background image, which always offers something with change or a little topicality, such as their selection of vacation themes.

Returndrops' select artist do some great work on the stage, making it simple to find the work that fits you while at the same time holding your mobile uniquely and unlike any other cell phones you'll see on the shelves. It is one of our most popular wall paper applications on the playlist because of the constant consistency in terms of content as well as the release of new wall papers.

Unless you go to ZenUI or C Launcher, don't be worried - you're not quite unlucky when it comes to topics. Instead, it only takes a little more work, dependant on the vehicle of your choosing. Let's take a look at two of our most popular launches and how themed they really are.

Actions Launcher 3. Although it doesn't come with a built-in themes storefront or an engines like C Launcher or ZenUI, however, Aktion Launcher is more than able to customize your mobile with as many choices as you want. Firstly, the application will support any symbol package you download from the playlist, so you can use it with the launcher regardless of which symbol package you choose.

And of course you can modify the background image as you like by using one of the above described desktop wallpapers. The Action Launcher goes one better with his Quicktheme attitude. Although perhaps not as detailed as a themes search engineĀ - Quicktheme allows you to quickly modify several of the colours in the Action Launcher.

Almost every setup within a launchers is adjustable here, along with your progress bars, your find field, the appearance of the application tray backgrounds, the appearance of the batch backgrounds, the appearance of the file backgrounds, and even the colors of the batch separators. It' s absurd how far you can go to make the telephone look like your own in ActionLuncher, even though there are no current themes available for downloading specifically for the launchers themselves.

You can also find some auto designs, among them an auto background image setup, bright and dim media setup, and the standard Action Launcher design. Although it may not be as specifically addressed as what both ZenUI and C Launcher offer, Quicktheme is a good choice for those who want to create a colourful kit from their own wall paper collections, and is strongly encouraged.

If you' re looking for a little nearer to the camp Google-fied Android, Nova Launcher has long been one of the best choices for those who want to keep their mobile phones tidy and organised. It doesn't come very near the C Launcher theme machine, or even the Quicktheme feature of Action Launcher 3.

Nova is a stick android style that features customized icons packages and other colourful features similar to ActionLuncher 3 or ZenUI. It' a great choice for those Nexus or Pixels user who want to use something similar to their stick launchers, while at the same time getting the opportunity to use symbol packages and other adjustment options.

Overall, whether you're using something for themes like ZenUI or C launchers, or something a little nearer to ordinary Android, such as Action launchers or Nova, there are many ways to design and customize your mobile so that the whole thing feels like your own. Beyond launching apps, there are so many ways to design your mobile from background image add-ons and symbol packages to customized Zooper based Widgetts, Android is one of the best pure cosmetics and customisation OSs on the web.

Whatever your mobile device, whatever your tastes, you will find something that meets your needs - and of course you can always alter your opinion.

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