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Similar items Its really quick (loads under 1 second) and with the themes constructor you can adjust it as you like. Extremely adaptable multi-purpose topic covering all kinds of web sites (e.g. shop, blog, news, agency, face-to-face and more). GeneratePress is a great free topic.

Quick, light and well-designed.

Tesserakt - A clear, straightforward and dependable game. The Rife Free - A fun topic that covers 20 sites and looks amazing. Sixteen Twenty - This free topic has over 1 million live installations and is the 2016 issue. A versatile, free and adaptable WordPress topic that is extremely adaptable and SEO-friendly.

Best 20 Best Small Business WordPress Website Themes for 2018

In order to promote your company efficiently and attract more prospective customers, you need a website for your small company. With most of us turning to the web for everything these days, a WordPress Small Business website will increase your chance of being found and eventually lead to more customers and more sales.

There is no better way to choose a website for your small company than WordPress. WordPress is not only free, but also gives you full command over your contents, is simple to use and has a variety of themes and Plugins that allow you to build any kind of website.

We' ll show you how to select a topic for your Small Biz website and show you 20 of the best Small Biz WordPress website themes for 2018. Featuring tens of millions of WordPress themes for small businesses, it's simple to get stunned and disappointed when trying to select a WordPress topic.

Here are a few useful hints to help you understand what you should be looking for and to help you select the best small businesses WordPress topic for your website before we immerse ourselves in our summary. Reactive designs. The most important feature to look for in a WordPress topic is its appealing look.

An appealing design adapts to the display sizes used by the users, meaning prospective customers don't have to scan, tweak and zoom to see your work. Simple adjustment. You' ll also want to look for a topic that's simple to customise, so you can integrate your own trademark colours and scripts and modify the layouts of each page without having to learn how to encode.

Look at the topic descriptions and look for a topic that says it downloads quickly or has been optimised for performance. Searchengines place more emphasis on page refresh rates and favour sites that download quickly now, so be aware of this. Although WordPress has a great Idea for Idea from the outset, a design optimised for searching will help your website ranking, so choose a design optimised for Idea for Idea.

Required characteristics. Finally, you will need to search for specific functions that will help you transform your visitor into customer and client, as well as those that are best for your small company. Call to action, newsletters registration form, contacts form, reservation form, calendar of events and portfolio are just some of the functions that could be useful for your company.

The Small WordPress topics on this page are characterized by breathtaking themes that are also fast to respond. In addition, they are equipped with functions that help you differentiate yourself from the rest, present everything your company has to say and turn your guests into faithful clients. Pro is a good option for any small company involved in the fields of signage, advertising, marketing as well as signage and signage.

More than nine beautiful pre-designed themes are included in the themes, optimised for enhanced enhancements. You' ll also find a drag-and-drop page generator, various shortcuts to simply insert actions invocations, button, accordion and other items, and many custom features to modify the look of any part of your design.

Are you a service-oriented company that needs accounting and timing functions? Then Entrepreneur is the place for you. In addition to posting functions and a sleek, contemporary look, the site contains a number of demonstrations, a folder page style to present your past project, various posting and enrollment templates, and the option to receive funds across a number of payaways.

Creatify Topic is a multi-faceted and multi-faceted topic that can be used for any small commercial space. Characterized by a contemporary and clear styling, it is easily adaptable. Among the key characteristics are: Bodega themes have a classy, sleek look and more than 30 ready-made demonstrations designed for a wide range of small corporate spaces, such as stores, restaurants, and more.

Design comes with a breathtaking slide control that allows you to present your past project or members of your design. This is a subject I enjoy and its wide adaptability. Fonfire is a good option for creativity agents, webshops, contractors, web portals and more. Its design incorporates a rugged administration control panel that lets you adjust font, color and other visually appealing features.

With some of the most beloved WordPress plug-ins available, you' ll find everything from visual composers to slider revolution, WPML, Mega Menu, and more, so you can build a great website for your small company. ShopApp is a feature-rich e-commerce storefront that' perfectly suited for any small company that wants to sell its product on-line.

In addition, the topic is completely reactive and readily translatable. Candar is a minimalistic WordPress topic for the product range, ideal for freelance artists, graphic artists and small agency. It allows you to present your previous project in a way that is easy yet stylish and looks great on any monitor display area. The most important functions include:

Reneva's themes are ideal for any type of shop or enterprise, thanks to their versatility in terms of designs and functions. Designed to be very simple to use, it includes pre-built demonstrations that can be easily uploaded with a click. This topic allows you to present your product range, create confidence with customer feedback, easily market your product range and much more.

Clients are praising the flexible nature of this topic: If you are looking for a WordPress topic with an entrepreneurial, businesslike flair, try the Dash Thread. It would be a good option for commercial agents, legal practices and other company web sites. The Dash contains several page styles, a breathtaking full-screen slide control with various specials, a drag-and-drop page creator, and much more.

It' also simple to customise and looks great, no matter what devices your users use to display it. As the name suggests, the topic of small business is a good option for small companies. What sets it apart is its contemporary and stylish styling, which is also quick to react. This topic is also provided with extensive technical support and a variety of customisation possibilities.

Clients are praising the designer qualities of this theme: The subject is neat, simple to work on and well-designed. If you prefer a slim look, consider the Hotstar look. It has a multi-purpose approach, i.e. it can be used by a wide range of niche markets and contains 15 homepage variants that can be easily integrated with a click.

The most important functions include: Andre topic is a neat and contemporary topic for small businesses, small businesses and creative people. Contains all the functionality you need to quickly build a WordPress small businessman website, including quick creation of WordPress professionals, folder styles, test stories, multiple fitting possibilities, MailChimp and more. With the apt name The Biznes, this Bizness-themed site provides a professionally designed, highly functional and one-page lay-out, making it a great option for busily employed and small businessmen who want to publish their website as quickly as possible.

Its design includes several prebuilt demonstrations, a variety of adjustment possibilities, and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop page creator. So if you happen to be a new start-up looking to get your website up and run, you should check out the Small Biz CD. Developed with start-ups in mind, this topic is sufficiently versatile to be used for all kinds of web sites.

Featuring a clear and contemporary look, the topic allows you to showcase your teams or previous work with breathtaking slide shows and asset management work. Here is what our clients appreciate about this topic: Flexibility of topics and outstanding level of customer service. One' has a nice look with eight distinctive homepage themes and more than 30 inside page themes.

The most important functions include: Bizly was developed for lawyers' offices and small companies. With the right amount of functionality that won't overburden beginners, it provides an sleek, professionally styled look that helps you make a good first impact with prospective customers. App Promotion, as its name suggests, was developed with the aim of assisting you in promoting your applications, products introductions, special occasions, promotions and much more.

It comes with three classy home pages with stunning motion graphics that are sure to attract the visitor's eye. A nice multi-purpose WordPress topic, Westy features a high-performance drag-and-drop page generator that lets you manipulate page layout and customize it with ease. It has an astonishing number of home page themes that can be added to your site with a click of the mouse, and there's no shortage of customisation possibilities in thedmin area.

In addition, the design is optimised for rapid loading of your application's content. It is a one-page WordPress topic, ideal for online advertising companies, marketers and other creatives. The design is cross-browser compliant, fully reactive and retinal, and you can customise any part of your WordPress Small Business website using the power of the administration panels.

In addition to the drag-and-drop page building, advanced analytics and dozens of pre-built demo files, the design also allows you to set up your e-mail lists with ease. Jupiter's themes have been optimised to be loaded as quickly as possible to give your users the best possible viewing experiences. There are also other functions like the possibility to present your product and service, to design limitless page layout, to easy selling and to better place your product in searching machines.

Subjects on this page are only a tip of the iceberg when it comes to small company WordPress topics. To see more WordPress topics for small companies, go to Envato Elements and view our complete small company website template library.

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