Good Wordpress Blogs

Great Wordpress Blogs

More than 100 blogs about WordPress Here you will find a top 100 blog about WordPress and its most liked and appealing contents. Some of the criterions in putting this together were to concentrate on contents that either got the most visitors (if the WordPress blotter was sharing this data), got the highest number of share of community articles, or caused the most comments: get the 10 WordPress design utilities we use to halve our working hours (by the way, 7 of them are free).

The WordPress blogs run by Chris Coyier and Jeff Starr are a great way to get WordPress tips that can be implemented. Everything from various examples of codes to large, code-heavy exercises. Jeff and Chris also released a novel with the same name - Digital Into WordPress. We publish detailed job descriptions, excerpts of codes, WordPress messages, information about recent WordPress meetings and everything else related to WordPress, blogs and more.

Besides the most important contents (see below) you will also find various Tutorials on subjects, plug-ins and other possibilities to modify your WordPress page. Several articles and tutorials on WordPress authoring, topic writing and PHP-related issues in general. C. bavota - the writer - also provides its own list of tailor-made subjects.

Rather a tecnical look at WordPress and its possibilities. Check it out for code-heavy tutorials and a series of great instructions that also cover other web technology such as PHP, CSS, and more. WordPress blogs full of tips and tricks, many of which are for novices. It teaches how to distinguish yourself in the WordPress domain and provides very in-depth guidance on the technological side of WordPress.

WordPress blogs that are more focused on different WordPress related merchandising tactics such as attracting a certain number of users, getting fans on popular content or building capabilities that make you a more effective blogsmaker. What are the actual costs of operating a WordPress site? WordPress blogs built on the latest developments in the WordPress environment.

Stuff like things like products, topics, plug-ins and more. WordPress also provides you with information about the WordPress audience, as well as meeting and interview information. Classical WordPress training center that gives you tips on various things like plug-ins, add-ons, topics, widgets and so on. With a beautiful and personalised look and well-structured information, WPLift offers you all the information you need on various WordPress topics.

Discusses the latest fixes, plug-ins, topics and many useful hints. Established in 2009 by Syed Balkhi, this is one of the top blogs for novices. Here is your response if you have a particular programming problem in WordPress. Here is a blogs for experienced bloggers.

In addition to encoding methods, features, Tutorials, Plugins und hints for creating beautiful designs, this blog also presents the latest from the WordPress area. So if you are looking for a reliable resource for all things WordPress related, this may be the place for you. The focus is on plug-ins, topics and code-heavy tutorials on how to resolve certain problems in WordPress.

The WordPress blogs share various WordPress hints, offers, information about plug-ins, topics and also show you how to start your own WordPressusiness. In addition to providing information on how to market the product, the course also covers various questions of a purely technological nature. Established four years ago by Jean Galea, WP Mayor specializes in WordPress plug-ins, topics, review, tutorial, newscast, opinions and various hints for improving your WordPress website.

Here is a WordPress website that deals with special subjects like theme, plug-in, SEO und SEM. Suggestions, hints and Tutorials to get better results from your WordPress website. Here you will find information about plug-ins, subjects, hosting and more. Established by Vladimir Prelovac, this WordPress blogs was designed for the user and gives guidance on managing, supervising, backing up, deploying, releasing, securing and other matters related to the site.

If WordPress had an advisor, what would happen? This is a high-quality blogs that almost everything a user needs to know about WordPress. Subjects covered are programming, merchandising, plugins, issues, safety, hosting, interviewing, updating and more. The WordPress blogs were created by Karan Chopra and offer the latest information on subjects, plug-ins, hosting, specials and excerpts.

You have a special graphic section where you can split Photoshop hints, backgrounds, images, symbols, scripts, and more. It is a more technically WordPress blogs. This is the blogs you should be reading if you want to improve your WordPress knowledge. There are many great articles and testimonials that will keep you busy longer.

This is a tech support blogs that will help you learn more about what's behind every WordPress icon, plug-in or preference. A very interesting WordPress blogs mainly for web designer working with WordPress. You will find hints, tutorials, programming hints and interview with WordPress-Professionals. Contains comprehensive and useful information about how to administer your own website.

There are also plugin Tutorials and Hints, Topics, Utilities and Techniques. This is a fast-paced blogs for WordPress developers/designers. Distributes information on various topics such as: programming, topics, utilities, hints, tricks, messages, networking, marketing and more. WordPress blogs that offer tutorials and hints on topics and plug-ins.

You will also be kept in touch with the news in the WordPress environment. Here you will also find some good information about the WooCommerce plug-in. He is the website creator (he has been a web designer for eight years) and is sharing his wisdom with the rest of the community by delivering hints and instructions that are easily understood and used.

Recently started blogs designed to provide you with a wide selection of ressources. There comes with hints on every WordPress theme, beginning with noviceutorials and ending with search engine optimization (SEO), quickness, safety, e-commerce, ratings, rounddups etc. Tom McFarlin's own private weblog, where he talks about the WordPress environment, gives his perspectives on WordPress progression, and other hints on various topics.

Wordprocessor Settings API Wrapper? Dunn described himself as a schoolteacher, open-minded, a good audience and a socially responsible musician. By blogging here, he wants to give a helpful guide to novices by making his ressources available so that you can study and monitor your own website. It is a comprehensive blogs that collects 18,780 Tutorials and nearly 500 Videocourses from many areas, many of them from the WordPress comunity.

They can also find WordPress related update, messages, surveys as well as specials. This website was launched on 5 October 2008 by the Cats Who Code creator, Jean-Baptiste Jung, and is focused on publishing answers to all your WordPress queries. If there are some things you need to know, you can ask in this blogs.

This website was created some years ago by Joost de Valk, and now he and his 16-person crew are creating plug-ins and optimising it. Here you can find some useful guidelines and hints. This WordPress blogs looks interactively like a media page and presents job descriptions, guidelines, opinion, hints, news, feature articles, interview and "simple" articles from the WordPress environment.

For beginners, here is some guidance on how to expand and succeed your company. This is a blogs mainly focused on WordPress topics, but you can also find here tutorials and information about plug-ins, dealing and WordPress related updates. This is a weblog for web developer and web designer.

There is a section that only refers to WordPress where you will find the latest messages, hints and tuorials, most of them for intermediate use. WordImpress creates plug-ins and designs for WordPress. They also document their experiences on the blogs by giving you lessons, hints and interview with WordPress people.

Beautiful website that offers information in many different areas, such as blogs, community content, codes and excerpts, messages, ressources, security. This is all presented as a tutorial. Jan-Baptiste Jung launched this blogs in June 2008 and devoted it to those who build and manage web sites (web developer, web designer, webmaster, etc.).

Most of the purposes of this blogs is to make web developing simpler and more fun, so you can find some great ressources and great job guides here. Commenced in 2012, this site specialises in the creation of WordPress user interface solutions. Our blogs offer online help, as well as a tutorial and advice on how to keep your website looking good.

Another type of WordPress blogs, more like a log. Each article contains a related footage, e.g. blogger or web developer speaking at WordCamp sessions, WordPress news stories, reviews, product launches or specialist audience Tutorials. Interesting blogs with places of interest to help you create your own websites on WordPress.

Provides hints, long and extensive instructions, invaluable ressources, and step-by-step instructions. SiteSetup belongs to Robert Mening and does not have the size of a normal blogs - it looks more like an e-book subdivided into sections. In addition to the standard writing instructions, hints, tips and encoding instructions, Tim Nash - the writer - also posts video in several article in which he tells his audience about various subjects.

It is a website that is specialized in WordPress safety. In addition to their flagship products, they also shared their views on frequent WordPress flaws, infection, and fixes for these problems. Founded in June 2006, this WordPress blogs aims to offer the best service and resource to our customers for their web sites.

There is a bunch of WordPress advices shared on the blogs that you can use immediately. From WooCommerce (mostly) to programming and plugin creation to hints and even a whole days experience in the writer's work. The group of experts who design their own subjects and get expert advise on them.

There is also information about plugs, webhosts, WordPress service, product, statistics as well as other subjects. One of the best known personalities in the WordPress fellowship is Chris Lema. His website provides hands-on advices and hints for both experienced and novice use. Our exclusive purpose in this blogs is devoted to our design team.

Layout is a day-to-day on-line publishing that deals with the subject of designing and advises interested parties. The WP Doze blogs focus on issues and plug-ins and offer many suggestions in this area. There are also messages, hints and guidelines on many WordPress related issues.

This is a very entertaining and funlog. The website provides information by posting on topics, symbols, slide slides, slide shows, scripts, logotypes, plugins, service, signage, SEO, comparison of products and the like. This is a private blogs where the writer can share thoughts about his own personality and various pastimes, as well as WordPress stories.

Here you will find various hints, exercises, plugin info and other discussion about WordPress. Jacob Gube created this blogs in February 2008 to give web design and development professionals useful information. Here you will find neat hints, tips, tutorials as well as instant access to our resource base.

It is a more promotional blogs about the topics and product developments of the company's proprietors. They present tipps, tricks and Tutorials that are more technically minded and aimed more at intermediate use. Nevertheless, you will find some good advices and ideas here. Our website tries to inform our readership about the latest WordPress related information and publications.

Not only do they divide the messages, but they also analyse every important issue in detail. What should a WordPress customized Web site pay? This is a combined version of our blogs and blogs. The site is very engaging, has online Tutorials, Interviewing effective individuals and Guidelines on how to expand your WordPress franchise. It provides both tech-guided tutorials for experienced gamers and hints for those who want to get to a high standard.

Here you will find the latest publications and WordPress related information, as well as interview, recommendations, marketing tricks and start-up information. This is a website where you can find hints, guidelines and ratings. Plenty of proposals on how to use different plug-ins and how to select the best pictures for your WordPress page.

WordPress blogs create topics for WordPress. Professionally at first glance, this blogs provides the general audience with great article detailing the latest WordPress related messages, plug-ins, tools, topics, pictures and other related information. WordPress usage hints, best product listings, guidelines, latest messages, proposals and starter advice are all available on the WordPress website.

Beside the blogs there is also a topic shop and a list. It'?s a blogsite foreeks, as Ryan Hellyer himself says. Any WordPress enthusiast can come here and find tips about programming, plug-ins and more that might interest you. This is a neat WordPress blogs where the writer wants you to "take your page out like a big star".

The WordPress section contains a number of different topic related exercises as well as hints and suggestions. Whilst the staff here specialise in plugin creation, the blogs are full of practical WordPress suggestions, both for novices and experienced WordPress developers, to familiarise themselves with the sources. The most you'll find in this blogs are great programming hints and Tutorials.

It is a classical and technically advanced website for web designers who want to enhance their abilities. It provides suggestions for applications that can help, and hints on how to use them. Beautiful WordPress blogs for start-ups. So if you are new to this WordPress environment and want to grow your company and form a large group of readership and users, this website is a good place to get guidance.

Writer Neil Matthews, calling himself "an evangelist" of WordPress, launched this blogs in 2008 to help other users simply use and build their own web sites and keep them in touch with daily news. You will find exercises, advices, tips as well as explanation of different WordPress problems. Here, Noel Tock tells you everything he knows about WordPress so you can get the information you need.

They can also find tutorial videos integrated into the article. Canada WP is a resource of messages, tutorials, plugin review, topics, general and various information and hints from all over the WordPress word. When you arrive here, you can also try the free Genesis infothemes for the Genesis frameworks.

With playfully designed pictures, this WordPress blogs deals with the latest WordPress messages, provides you with useful Tutorials, Update and tries to give a simple and kind way to reveal the hints so that beginners can better study. When you are interested in WordPress topics, this is the blogs you should be reading.

Here you will find the latest news, hints and suggestions, news, reviews, publications and more about WordPress topics. Submitted by Ohad Raz for this blog. You will find evaluations, hints and presentation of various plug-ins and other things related to WordPress. Also you can try his own set of plugs.

This is a technichal blogs mainly dedicated to the creation of plugins. Here you can find many interesting articles and review articles to help you understand how to encode like a pro. But if you are either a novice, experienced or experienced blogger, this is still the right place for you. Imagine a blogs with a WordPress area, but more concentrated on the merchandising side of the range.

A great resource for learning guides and hints that are useful for any weaver. It is a blogs that deals with both the tech side of things and the down-to-earth side of page construction. Publish your own story, tutorial, recommendation, promotion, events und hints about plug-ins, topics, service, safety, SEO and more. This is definitely a advanced user blogs, with a tutorial and hints on the WordPress programming and technology side.

It is a private blogs where you can find technical contributions, excerpts of codes, hyperlinks, tips und hints. This is a comprehensive blogs that covers many areas of web site creation and web site designs. The WordPress section contains hints and tuorials on plug-ins, topics, technologies and other important things. Offers article on "Developing cleaner, smarter and faster Web sites with WordPress".

" Papers are intended for the middle school and contain useful hints and discussion about WordPress. Here is a blogs where you can get hints and advices about WordPress and how to make your own website growing. Here you'll find the latest WordPress product updates, product ratings, product reviews, product tutorials, hints, topic listings, and important WordPress user interview.

There is also a shop with plugs and theming. This is another blogs that deals with the exchange of hints and tuorials. Here you will find suggestions for topics, plug-ins, safety and web sites as well as interview, messages and general WordPress notifications. This is a blogs with almost 1500 WordPress related Tutorials! They can find testimonials, hints, news stories and reviews about web site designs, plug-ins, themes, web sites, web sites, web sites, web sites, web sites, web sites, hosting, SEO, software, tools and more.

An online web site devoted to web designer and development, where you can find hints and tools to use when working on your WordPress page. Generate WordPress apps natively: Quite a memorable website where you'll find programming hints, Tutorials and instructions for web designing and WordPress. Erickson has written this blogs to help and advise those who want to develop a WordPress development path.

Here you will find hints and tuorials for programming and building web sites. Besides PEO, searchengines, contents marketings and socially minded medias this site also has a whole section devoted to WordPress. It' a great blogs where you can find lots of interesting tunorials, messages, tips, fixes and proposals from the field of your music.

Since 2005 Jeff Starr has been writing this blogs. It mainly deals with WordPress, web designing, coding and provides instant access to your WordPress user guides, hints and utilities. Shawn Hesketh's creation of this blogs provides tutorial videos and is intended primarily for start-ups and newcomers who want to build, modify, and maintain their website contents.

WordPress ThemeLab provides WordPress Premier Topics to help you build your website. For WordPress topics, plug-ins, tutorials, and other suggestions and hints, click below to find out what's new in the laboratory. WebLoveWP is a blogs that will teach you how to make your work simpler by providing comprehensive information on WordPress topics, web hostings, plug-ins, visual items such as logo, image, infographics as well as other design-related topics.

Here you will find useful tools, useful ressources, plugin hints, beginner hints and things to do with your business world. The site offers great topics and plug-ins for the user. You can find all sorts of WordPress related things like promotional items, messages, updates, hints, animations and free gifts on the blogs.

Here you will find WordPress hints, topic release, messages, design hints and some kind of promotion hints. Published by Paul Underwoord, this blogs provides online tutorials, hints, resources and excerpts from the WordPress community. It is a fun and fun technical blogs mainly for designer and blogger. Here you will find useful hints, Tutorials, Tools, inspiring artwork and the latest information.

Find out more about WordPress authoring tools, Web Tips, General Messages and Technologies, Guidelines, and various WordPress authoring listings and suggestions. The WPSpeak is a plattform for WordPress related topics, articles, tutorials as well as review and updates. This website offers expert consulting for WordPress programmers - beginners or professionals. Covering all technical aspects and complexities you may encounter when working with plug-ins, Widgets or topics.

themmeIsle is a new blogsite that offers newcomers and experienced users an insight into everything to do with WordPress, be it programming, designing, social networking, advertising or communities. Briefly, everything a WordPress user needs for a thriving industry. You will find online Tutorials, Hints, Topic Suggestions, Info Graphics and some Tech Hints when you are programming.

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