Google Analytics Wordpress

Analytics Wordpress

Analytics is a must when it comes to learning how your WordPress website works. So you can easily add Google Analytics to your WordPress page. We believe that you don't have to engage a development team to bring Google Analytics to your website.

We believe you don't have to engage a development team to bring Google Analytics to your website.

We' ve taken the trouble to connect to Google Analytics and made it simple. Here is why over 1 million intelligent shopkeepers, designer and developer like MonsterInsights, and you will! Set up Google Analytics on your website without having to touch any codes. When you can point and click with the mouse, you can use MonsterInsights.

Truly simple way to add Google Analytics tracker and keep it when you change topics. It makes analysis simple with the Monster Insights. Google Analytics doesn't require you to sit around until the next trading session to learn more about peak demand or possible issues. MONSTERInsIGNS uses general purpose monitoring so you can keep up with your user experience across multiple device and platform boundaries.

Page Analytics show you exactly which pages and paragraphs are most liked on your website. Analysis for PROs! Featuring everything, great functions and useful information, this plug-in makes it easy to see what you are doing. E-commerce can be tracked with just 1 click and you can begin to track your favorite items, order averages, e-commerce traffic and more.

Our ad tracing add-on makes it easy for advertisers to monitor the power of their Google Adsense in their Google Analytics dashboard. MONSTERInsIGNS allows you to take full control of all the power of Google Analytics, including user-defined dimension, data downloading tracker, output links tracker, event tracker, and more.

Realtime Statistics - See real-time statistics in your Google Analytics dashboard. Universelles Tracking Gain better insight with Google Analytics general purpose analytics track. E-Commerce Track - Add Google Analytics for WooCommerce and Easy Digital downloads. Ad tracing - Track your Google Adsense adverts with Google Analytics. Files downloading statistics with one click - Activate files downloading statistics with just one click.

Track your links - Track your links with Google Analytics. Event tracing - Track user-defined buttons and business banners with Google Analytics. Authors Track - See who is the most favorite writer in the authors trackers section. Typical posting trackers - See which blogs posts and which sections are the most used. Customizing Mail Type Track - Track the output of your own mail type.

Refral Tracking - See how your website's traffic finds your site to better target your marketers. Power Tracking - Control the power and sampling rates for your Google Analytics reports. Improved Links Attribute - Better analysis with improved links attribute. Analytics Google Services - Google Analytics Services provides you with the best analytics services.

Surprising little bit of plug-in, does exactly what was anticipated and more. Developed by Chris Christoff and Syed Balkhi with support from WPBeginner. Have a look at our other plugins if you like this plugin:

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