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Beta Android Program Log in to display your suitable equipment.... Android Beta is an easy way for you to try Android and/or Google OS pre-releases from Google and test our new functionality.

Registred units get automatic update for the latest beta of Android or Google OSear.

Find out more about suitable equipment. From now on it is available on units of other vendors. Please see for registration detail. Previously, if you participated in the O beta program, you will need to re-register to get access to P. Previous registrations will not be transferred to P. How do I join?

Log in to your Google Account to see a listing of your approved handsets. Once you've signed up and accepted the Android Beta Program Terms of Use, you can share your thoughts about Android P with us directly from your own mobile phone by connecting to the Android Beta Program's Google+ community.

Secure your Android mobile before you install the beta version. Upgrades that you obtain as part of this product are pre-releases and may contain bugs and imperfections that may interfere with the proper working of your product. Refer to Pixel Known Problems and Appear OS by Google Known Problems.

Please note: You will not get regular safety update every month if you are in a beta version. Google's beta for wearing OS is provided at an early stages of the lifecycle. Therefore, we do not encourage users to sign up for this beta.  Developers should not use this beta on their main Google powered console running Search Engine by Google.

Privileged handsets that you've logged into as your main Google Account users will appear on this page. Beyond the first P version, you can stay in the Android beta program to see Android P upgrades in the near term. Issues such as Bugfixes, Features Upgrades, and Enhancements in System Reliability and Functionality can be addressed.

When you decide, you will get pre-release upgrades as soon as they are available. By the end of the programme you will regularly get official patches. Cancellation of the programme is possible at any moment to revert to the robust Android and/or Google OS open game.

When you log out when your machine is using a beta of Android or Google Crypto Windows, all your credentials on the machine will be deleted. When you decide to remain registered until the end of the application, you will exit the application and get an upgrade to the robust official copy of P/Wear Mac from Google.

Do not delete your unit. What equipment is covered? Once you've logged into your Google Account on a suitable mobile phone, you'll see them on this page. None of the gadgets you've hid in Google Play appear on this page. The Android P beta is now available on units from other vendors.

Please see for registration detail. What is the time it takes for you to get the updated version after you have subscribed or unsubscribed? Updating is not always immediately available and can take up to 24hrs. When it has lasted more than 24hrs, make sure your machine is online and search for system upgrades by going to Settings > System > System > System Upgrades.

In WearOS by Google, search for system upgrades by going to Settings > System > About > System upgrades. When do I get beta releases? In the course of the programme you can count on receiving between three and six upgrades. There will be an upgrade when you get on and off while you are in the application, and a last upgrade of the robust version when the application is finished.

Please note: You will not get regular safety update every month if you are in a beta state. You will not get automatic updating if you downloaded the picture from and manual blown Android P on your machine, unless that machine is also included in the Android beta program on this page. Can I check if I am using a beta of Android or Google OSear?

There are two ways for Android to do this: Browse to Settings > System > Via Phone > Create Number. Once the builds number begins with PPP, run a beta of Android P. Restart your machine. There will be a notification telling you that your machine is currently in beta of Android.

Browse to Settings > System > Info > Info > Info > Buildnumber. Once the builds number begins with PWH1, you are operating a beta of Wear OS from Google. Tell us what you think about Android P through the following channels: Submit your comments directly from your unit. Move down from the top of the page to open the Quick Settings, and then touch the Android Beta Quick Settings page.

It is also possible to go to Settings > System > Via Telephone > Submit FAX to this unit. Publish your comment about the Android beta programme Google+ Communities. What do I do to get help with Android and wearing OS through Google beta releases? Since this is a beta programme, there are no formal supporting canals.

Ask your questions in the Google+ and another member of the Google+ can help you. Can I unsubscribe and go back to a publicly available Android or wearing OS with Googlelease? First of all, make sure that you are using a beta of Android. To find the one you want to disconnect, display the Devices and click Logout.

Within 24 hrs, your machine will get an updated that deletes all your credentials and installs the latest robust publicly available versions of Android or Google OSear. Before you log out, please back up all your details to your Android telephone. Everything that is not backed up to your mobile handset will be wasted.

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