Google Black Theme

Black Google theme

Googles News 5.5 adds a sinister theme to the whole app[APK Download]. Marching of the German theme applications goes on. According to YouTube, Android Messages, the new Google Discover feed, Gboard and Teasern for several other applications, Google News is the happy receiver of a gloomy theme 5.5 release after YouTube.

You can find the options for the black theme under Preferences -> Black theme.

It can be adjusted so that it is always on or never on, as well as turned on with the low power device and/or turned on auto at nights. This latter does not seem to be associated with the Nightlight or Grayscale setting on Android 9 Pie, nor does it depend on surrounding lighting, so it may be that Google uses your site to assess when nighttime is for you, and changes the theme accordingly.

Whereas Google News used to show obscure background on some previous article, this new button turns the whole user surface upside down. You can even rotate the black toolbar and scroll bars. News 5.5 doesn't seem to have any other big changes - just some reorganisation of the work.

Fast Black Substrateum Theme +Oreo & Samsung Theme

The Swift Black Substratum theme makes more than 200 black and supported apps: INSTALLATION:1: Make sure your system is supporting the use of a Substrateum theme. 2: Downlaod the Substrateum Theme engine application and theme. If you open the Substrateum application, you will find the topic in it. To use Andromeda or Samsung, you will need an additional, fee-based add-on, which you will be informed about the first you open Substrateum App.3: Open the theme inside the Substrateum application and choose your Android product from the top drop-down list.

Also, choose the applications that you want to use as the theme, and then click Download. 4: Please allow all overlay files to come in and restart. When using Samsung Oreo, you must activate all overlay in the "Manager" in the Substrateum application after restarting. More detailed information can be found here: Refresh the design in the Play Store.

Reinstall the overlays after the update: Deinstall all layers from the layer manager located in the navigation tray on the right side of Substratum. Once this is done, reinstall the new layers and restart the system. If you are about to upgrade your software, make sure you remove all of your superlays before upgrading.

SOLUTION: If an application no longer works, you will need to re-install and restart the application overwrite. It is necessary because an overlays must be attached to an application. If, for example, you upgrade an application from the Play Store, the overlays will no longer be on top.

If you are reinstalling and restarting the overwrite, make sure it is reinstalled. That'?s how relays work. Absolutely the best way to keep the topic going over time: Whenever you upgrade an application to a new release from the Play Store, there is a danger that it will not be the same as the release on which we created the design cover.

To keep all your overlay files functional over a period of your playing life, the best way is to turn off automated Play Store upgrades and upgrade your applications when we upgrade the theme. Refresh every 4-5 workingdays so that you don't have to spend long waiting to upgrade everything. WHEN THE whole thing doesn't work for YOU: We provide a rebate to anyone who has download the design but can't use it, just send us your order number by e-mail.

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