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Dark browser theme for your web browser. theme_service. chrome/browser/themes/ - chromium/src - Git on Google

included "chrome/browser/supervised_user/supervised_user_theme. h" using base::UserMetricsAction; using content::BrowserThread; using extensions::Extension; using ui::ResourceBundle; const char kDefaultThemeGalleryID[] = for " hkacjpbfdkflllbcmjibkdeoafencn"; // Please allow so many seconds after start to gather topics that you don't use. ExtensionService::GarbageCollectExtensions() does something similar. const int kRemoveUnusedThemesStartupDelay=30; color_utils::HSL Results; color_utils::SkColorToHSL(color, result ); Results. l += (1 - Results. l ) * percentage; return-colors::HSLToSkColor(result, SkColorGetA(color)); // Write the themes package to your hard drive on a seperate threads. x voice WritePackToDiskCallback(BrowserThemePack* pack, base::FilePath path path = folder.

Appendix (chrome::kThemePackFilename); NOTREACHED()

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