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Device to beta or from beta to stable, the new channel will be on an earlier version of Google Chrome. Activate or deactivate cookie - Computer In order to use your Google Account in a web browser (such as Chrome or Safari), enable cookie if you haven't already done so. Important: If you receive a notification that your cookie is disabled, you must enable it to use your area. Click More Preferences in the upper right corner. Click Content Preferences under Data Protection and Privacy.

Please click on cookie. Enable cookies: Disable cookies: Disable Allow websites to store and view Cookie information. Find out how to modify other Chrome Cookie preferences. Cookies are pieces of information generated by websites you browse. Using Cookies, Websites: The use of our website uses Google Analytics to help us better serve you. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

When you can't use your Google Account and get a notification that your cookie is disabled: To enable a cookie, perform the above procedure. When you still get the errormessage, here are some possible workarounds. Empty your browser's memory and cookie. Find out how to clear the memory card for caching and cookie information. In Chrome you will find out how to surf private.

Modify the data protection setting of your web browsers. Find out how to modify your data protection preferences.

Clearing Caches & Clearing Cookie - Computer

If you use a web browsers like Chrome, it stores some information from web pages in its own memory and cookie. By deleting these documents, you can fix certain types of issue, such as downloading or reformatting documents to Web pages. Select Delete More Tool Types Browse Information. Select the box next to "Cookies and other page data" and "Images and file cache".

Select Clear file. Find out how to modify other Chrome Cookie preferences. You can, for example, erase certain Web site hosting information. For Safari, Firefox, or any other browsers, see the Supports page for directions. Once you have cleared the memory card on your computer: It deletes some Web site preferences. However, some websites may appear slow because of the need to reload contents such as pictures.

A cookie is a file generated by a website that you browse. Help make your web browser experiences easy by storing browser information. Parts of pages, such as pictures, are stored in the memory of the browser in order to be able to open them more quickly during your next visits.

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