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A hidden Google game exists that you were probably just a click away from while making your online Christmas shopping without ever noticing. A Google Home speaker lets you stream music with Google Play Music, YouTube Music, Spotify and Pandora. How to Find and Playing the Google Christmas Gaming Set

There is a Google Gaming that' tucked away and you were probably just a click away while making your Christmas purchase without ever noticing it. Whether you're hesitating at work or trapped in a southeast procession, Google has started its seasonal Christmas Tracker to keep track of the day until Christmas and distribute all of December over vacation packs and education ressources - and all you have to do is drive to Santa Village.

There' also an elven screen available via a Santa Snap application where you can "fly your jetpacked elven in Google Maps around the worlds and take "Elfies" with famed global brands". And if you don't enjoy it enough, you can also visit the Christmas Village at the North Pole, which features a brief videotape entitled "A Days At The Museum".

On Christmas Eve, stop by the Santa Tracker again when Google says the Google Assistant can help you: "I'm sorry: "To follow the voyage of his sled, find out how many presents he has given, and find out more about Christmas customs around the globe.

There are 5 ways to increase the Christmas spirit with Google Home

Christmas is just around the corner, your home is probably covered from door to door and full of Christmas scents. However, with the help of your Google Home ($129 at Walmart) speakers, you can help better understand the mind this year. There are five funny things you can do with Google Home this Christmas time.

Some of the most apparent things you can do with Google Home this Christmas is to have your favourite Christmas songs on. A Google Home loudspeaker lets you streaming your favourite songs with Google Player Juice, YouTube Juice, Spotify and Pandora. Simply say: "OK, Google, start making Christmas music", and it will start making general Christmas songs with your standard Christmas songs game.

And if you don't want to listen to the same old song as you replay it, you can also make a playback list with Google Try music, YouTube or Spotify, give it a distinct song, and ask it to replay it instead. And if you have a Chromecast by chance ($35 at Walmart), you can put that kind of soundtrack on your TV.

If you use Google Playmusic, you can turn on the Chimney Viewer to substitute the traditional cover artwork. The user-defined, synchronised Christmas lighting screen is.... Since one of the key features of an intelligent loudspeaker is the control of your intelligent home, you can enhance your Christmas decoration this year by making it intelligent.

And all you need are a couple of Google Home compliant smartplugs and your signature fairy tales. You can say things like "OK, Google, turn on the Christmas lights" or "Hey, Google, turn on the Christmas tree". Since Google Home can now run two shortcuts simultaneously, you can make a link that will play Christmas songs when you turn on the decoration.

It has its own Santa Trackers with Google playing around and other activity. You can also use Google Home to keep up with Santa's progression and location. OK, Google, Santa Track," or, "OK, Google, where's Santa right now?" Before Christmas, Google will tell you what Santa is up to, such as cleaning up his workspace.

When Christmas Eve is over, you can follow Santa all the time. You can not only follow Santa Claus, you can also call him with Google Home. Say, "OK, Google, call Santa Claus." If you call Santa Claus, he will prepare for a live performance and you must help him find the best way to perform it by responding to a set of question.

Usually when you speak to Santa, you tell him what you want for Christmas, and you can use Google Home to do the same. Say " OK, Google, speak to Santa's hotline." You tell Santa what's on your Christmas wish sheet. Father Christmas will then mail your wish lists to his elf.

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