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This is how we explain how to do this with the Chrome app for Android. Download a new version of Google Chrome. Chrome: Quick & Secure Chrome is a faster, easier to use and more reliable web browsing application. Chrome was developed for Android and offers you personalised message items, instant access to your favourite pages, instant downloading and integrated Google Search and Google Translate. You can download it now to have the same Chrome web browsing experiences you like on all your gadgets.

Quickly rummage and tap less. Select from personalised results that appear immediately as you enter, and quickly scroll through previously viewed web pages. Synchronize Chrome across multiple Chrome units. If you log in to Chrome, your favorites, password and preferences are synchronized across all your machinesutomatically. Easily get all your information from your mobile device, tray or notebook.

Not only is Chrome quick for Google searching, it's also built so you're just a touch away from all your favourite stuff. The Chrome also has the "Tap to Search" function on most websites. Tapping on any words or phrases will launch a Google lookup while you're still on the page you're currently browsing.

Secure your mobile with Google Secure Browsing. Browsing has integrated Google Chromeafe. Protects your telephone by alerting you when you try to browse malicious websites or download malicious data. Quick download and viewing websites and video off-line Chrome has a special download pushbutton so you can download video, images and whole websites with just one click.

And Chrome also has home downloading directly into Chrome, where you can get all your downloadable contents even when you're off-line. Search Google. The Chrome offers you a current web interface with which you can speak. With your voices, you can surf and surf faster anywhere, at any time. Integrated Google Translate:

Rapidly compile whole web pages. Google Translation has integrated Chrome to help you easily convert the whole web into your own native tongue with one click. Store mobile files. Power on Chrome's File Saver to surf and surf the web while using less file. Store up to 60% of your information because Chrome will compress text, pictures, video, and Web sites without compromising your experience.

The Chrome brand provides an event that is designed to suit your interests. In the new tabs, you will find items that Chrome has chosen according to your browser' s past histories.

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