Google Chrome Browser Themes

Chrome Google browser themes

Chrome Google themes: Changing them Chrome themes change the look of your browser and change the look of everything from the scroll bar to the backgrounds of your tabbed pages. Your browser has a straightforward user experience that lets you find and deploy new designs. First of all you have to open your Chrome browser. When you click on the Home Page icon, three vertical points in the top right hand edge of the browser screen will appear.

From the dropdown list, choose Preferences to open the Chrome Preferencescreen. Use the Reset to Standard Topic button to revert to the Chrome standard theming. To open the Chrome Web Store with a pane of your selection of topics, click Themes (or the next one to Themes). Your recent topic selection pane may contain hyperlinks to other topics from the same developers at the bottom of the list.

If you click on the top right hand side triangle, the Chrome Web Store will open. Chrome Web Store provides a multitude of topics for downloading. Browseable, sorting and categorized, each topic is matched by a thumbnail, its prize (usually free) and its users ratings.

How to browse the Chrome Web Store by topic: In the Chrome Web Store monitor's menu on the far-left of the screen, click Designs. Browse through the many thumbnails or browse for a subject and click on one of them to see a bigger previews of the subject, along with extra information, ratings and prices (most are free).

To find a design you want to use, click To Chrome at the top right of the Thumbnail pane that contains the largest portion of the design. When the topic you are trying to install is not free, the to Chrome icon will be substituted with a Buy for icon.

When you open the next new Chrome browser window, you will see the topic you selected. When you are not satisfied with the results, go back to the Settings menu and select Reset to Standard Topic.

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