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The dark theme allows you to soften the glare of your screen and experience YouTube with a dark background. It seems Google has added an offical dark theme to "a forthcoming Android version"[update]. Android' reel that ends up on pixels is probably the cleanest way, but it is missing in many areas. The issue was one that Google has been asking for improvement from Google for years, and now it seems that the business has at last been listening and bringing an officially dark topic to Android. This year, a customer submitted a query to Google's Issue Tracker asking to add a dark design to Android 9.

0 that could be turned on and off by the customer, quoting low power consumption for LED display as an advantage.

Shortly thereafter, this query was forwarded to Google's engineers and the threads went dark. Today, however, Google has once again reacted with good messages - they have added the features. Apparently Google has heard this query and added a dark theme to Android. However, the issue here is that we have not received explicit acknowledgement that this is happening in Android P. Rather, the way the answer was created keeps it open for publication in a later build of Android.

Hopefully Google will show this long-awaited feature in Android P for the first time, especially as the basics have been partly built on the company's Pixel 2 machines.

Googles tests a dark theme for the Google feed, even on non-pixel equipment.

Beginning with Android 8.0 on pixel 2, Google implemented a dark design that depended on your desktop image. Under this motto were the Pixel Launcher, the Apple application listing, the quick settings and the Google Feed. For the latter, however, only the dark backdrop was made dark. Now Google is trying out a real dark session that will be used across the whole user area.

Android 9 Pie, which introduces a system-level theme for pixels enabled equipment, eliminates the need for a user to specify a particular image to display either view. The maps to the right of the Home screen are still text in dark on a blank screen for the Google Feed. Dark backgrounds around each map contribute only marginally to making scanning less light.

Today a screenshot of a real dark theme with text in dark grey on dark grey maps was published by a USER ( via Reddit ). Whilst the backdrop is still clear, it is clearly still underdeveloped. Namely that shadow is visible around every map, while the meteorological map still shows dark text on a dark backdrop.

It is also remarkable how this dark A/B test appears on a non-pixel phone (an essential phone). You can see this on the contraceptive up-top and it indicates that this topic can be used on any Android-system. Strangely enough, the test also appears when the topic Devices - for notification and quick settings - lights up on this one.

It' s not clear whether the look is bound to the Dev Theme or another theme within the Google application. The latest dark theme comes as more and more Google applications have a binary appearance that allows the user to activate the application by hand. Android Messages introduced the dark theme with the Google Material Theme, while YouTube for Android's has just begun its broad launch this weekend.

A Google Phone application is next up.

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