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Chrome Google for Android

Chrome for Android is an edition of Google Chrome that has been released for the Android system. Chrome for Google Android - Free Downloads and Free Customer Reviews

Google's Chrome for Android puts many of the functionality of the popular Chrome Explorer on your portable computer, so you can easily switch between plattforms without having to switch your web-browser. <font color="#808080">SHARLA: Sync: It can synchronize between the application's desktops and mobiles and display favorites, current search queries, password and other preferences on all your computers.

BOOKMARK: In additon to accessing all your desktops you can only bookmark your cell phones with your own personal device, e.g. a timetable page. Processes tab pages: In order to open open tab pages, touch the small box with a number inside it to the right of the More drop-down list.

Leaving an inkognito table open reminds you to shut it down when you exit it. When you turn on Data Saver, much of your web activity is handled by Google server, which compresses pages before they are sent to your mobile for use. You don't want Chrome to keep track of where you surf and what you are downloading?

Switch on the Inkognito-Modus. Your web-browser does not track your activity, but your Internet service provider, your company's IT organization, and the Web sites you view can track your activity. Distracting tabs: Browsing tabbed Android are convenient, but they are a little more work that you can use in your portable Iteration.

For example, it will take two tap to get to another tabs, and the Android web-browser will not allow you to open a locked tabs, as is the case with the Desktop one. Chrome for Android provides much of what you want from Google to browse - synchronization, bookmarking, an incident scan view - and manage much of it cleverly on a small display.

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Google Chrome Beta' for Android was available for Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher OS versions. Started on 7 February 2012 for a restricted number of countries[8][11] The Android edition can be downloaded from Google Play. Currently there are some functions missing that are available in the desktops release, but there are some extra functions:

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