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Chrome Portable is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer and easier. 10 hints to make Google Chrome quicker and help keep your memory consumption down. Does your Google Chrome webbrowser feel a little bit slow than before? These are some hints to help you make Google Chrome quick again and cut the amount of memory your web browsers consume. Hint: These hints work for both Mac and Windows (and some even for Linux!


Maybe if you haven't shut down Google Chrome in a while - probably because you have a whole lot of open tabbed pages - an upgrade might be there. In order to compel Chrome to search for an updated version, enter chrome://help in the addressbar and obey the instructions. Enter chrome://extensions in the addressbar and deactivate all undesired extension.

You can either clear the check to clear the expansion, or click the Recycle Bin button to clear it. Enter chrome://plugins in the addressbar and deactivate all undesired Plugins. Simply click on the hyperlink to deactivate it. When you open more than one tab at a given moment, the number of times you open it has a major effect on Chrome power and the amount of memory the program uses.

Below are some you can select from: Another option is to reduce the page to text with an expansion such as Text Mode or Minimalist. And if your issue is more related to a bad web experience than a slow web browsing experience, you can help increase your bandwith by installing the Google Data Saver add-on.

The Google server uses this feature to condense and optimise web pages before they are transmitted to your web browser. 6: Shut down your web browsers! Really you don't have to run your web browsers all the while! Google Chrome can be customized to open exactly where you were when you shut it down.

Enter chrome://settings and under On setup you will see three options: To have Google Chrome launch where you quit, click Next where you quit, or if you want to launch from a customized page setup, click Open a particular page or page setup and then click those pages.

Warning - be wary if you have several browsers open, because only the last pane you shut will open again. Tip: If you unintentionally exit a register card, you can restore it by Ctrl + Shift + T or + Shift + T on a Mac under either Linux or Windows.

There are a number of adjustments you can make to Google Chrome, as well as changes to the design. Topics, however, consume random access memory, so if you want the fastest possible browsing, run it with the standard topic. Enter chrome://settings and under Appearance, if the Reset to Default theme is not grayed out then execute a user-defined design.

To return to the defaults, click the icon. Enter chrome://flags in the addressbar and find enable almost tab/windows clos. Accelerates Chrome by enabling it to shut down window separately from any JavaScript that may be executed. Notice that this is an experiment, and be sure to check the warning at the top of the Chrome preference page.

In order to revert all changes, click on the Reset all to standard pushbutton. Chrome may become faster if you clear the memory if memory is running out. Enter chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the addressbar and I would suggest to select only the options CSS only. Windows-based customers can use the Software Removal Tool from Google.

Malwarebyte for Mac (don't believe the rubbish that Macs can't have virus or badware - that may have been real a decade ago, but today it's not true).

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