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Googles Home: Short instructions for commissioning

Can' t wait to use the Google Home unit? Get this tutorial up and running in a few easy clicks. Please note: Use only the AC cord that is in the product carton. Configure your unit. Check out these best ways to communicate with your Google Assistant.

Talk to a member of the Google Home Teams.

Configuring Google Home Mini with chromecast

And if you have a TV with or without Chroma Cast or Chroma Cast capability, your Google Home Mini lets you manage what's playing on those TVs with the strength of your own vocal. You' ll need to setup your chromecast and Google Home Mini on the same Wi-Fi Wi-Fi connection and make sure you're signed in to the same Google Accounts on both sides - then you''ll need to do this to connect your device.

On your phone or on your spreadsheet, open the Google Home application. Touch the Append (+) at the bottom right and the search for Chromecast-enabled equipment in your local or remote office will begin. When all the required equipment has been found, make sure the check box next to the equipment you want to associate is checked, and then touch Insert in the upper right area.

This unit should appear in your TV and speaker lists. Now you can output instructions such as "Play Avengers Infinity War Trailer on Living Room" and watch the associated movie on this unit; you can also just listen to sound or view a slide show with pictures.

You can also adjust the sound level, stop playing, and more. The Google document library provides a comprehensive suite of documentation that explain all the functions you can use.

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