Google Chrome Original Theme

Original Google Chrome Theme

An original design for Google Chrome. Learn how to activate the YouTube Dark Theme in a desktop browser. The default search engine and the saved search engines are reset and set to their original default values. Enhancements and themes will be disabled.

Chrome OS] Reset your web browsers preferences | Official Support

Chrome gives you the ability to restore your browsing preferences with a single click. Sometimes applications you have installed can modify your Chrome preferences without your knowing. Restoring your browsers preferences will restore the undesired changes due to the installation of other applications. Your stored books and password will not be deleted or modified.

Set your browsers back to default: Choose the Chrome pull-down menus in the Browsers icon bar. Choose Preferences. When you click View Extended Preferences, you will see the section titled Restore Browsers Preferences. Then click Restore your web browsing settings. Click Cancel in the displayed dialogue box. Please note: If the "Help make Google Chrome better by notifying it of your latest settings" check box is checked, send your Chrome preferences to Google anonymely.

Report these attitudes enables us to analyse and work on tendencies to avoid undesirable changes of attitudes in the near future. Restoring the navigator setting affects the following settings: Resets the standard and stored browsers to their original values. The standard start-up tablets are deleted. When you start the webbrowser, it displays a new page or continues where you stopped if you are on a Chromebook.

The new tab is empty unless you have a Chrome release with an enhancement that will control it. The contents setting will be deleted and returned to the default setting of the install. Cookie and website information will be deleted. Enhancements and topics will be deactivated.

Chrome's development tool gets at last a black topic.

Every programmer can refer to it: switching from the security of your text editors to obscure themes, and opening Chrome's development utilities just to be dazzled by its flawless white. Fortunately, Google has at last given in to a query that the creators have been asking all the time: Chrome's development tool now has a black layer that is official in the web browsers.

Revised development tool features a nice shaded wallpaper, adapted font and an upgraded tool tip of the Mark-Viewer. A number of other changes are also included in the developers tool updates, such as user-defined variable supports for defining styles and a more intelligent auto-complete search Engine. Darkness is currently only available in Chrome Canary, but it will find its way to a robust builds when Chrome 50 is available in a few short months.

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