Google Chrome Themes Gallery

Chrome Google Theme Gallery

Chrome Web Store page displays. Please click on one of the two links for the subject area on the left: Don't like the default design of Google Chrome? News, tips and advice for technology experts Now Google provides a gallery with themes for its Chrome Browsers. for Google Chrome (requires Google Chrome 3.0 for Windows).

A lot had harassed Google to include theme endorsement, although Chrome used a Spartacus style without much room for artistic expression. The development of Chrome last weeks added a Get Topics icon to the Options dialogue and now Google has reversed the setting to enable the web page the icon points to.

Topics include Legal Pad, Star Gazing, Transparent (it's not on my Windows XP machine), Dots, and Pencil Sketch. A monochrome topic named Minimum is downloading almost immediately, but Grass, with 1.3 megabytes, needs more track up. Topics can have a wallpaper displayed on Chrome's new tabs page, which provides a much greater opportunity for expression, especially as this page is the standard setting when Chrome starts.

This could help Google in its effort to attract performers who offer their own themes, as some have done with the customizable iGoogle homepage. The Mozilla has its own skininning technique, a plug-in named Personas, which was introduced at Mozilla Labs in March. This advantage, paired with a much bigger and more committed outside crowd, gives him a big edge over Chrome when it comes to getting his act together.

It' titled grass.

Chrome Google Topics Gallery 2014

Get to know the Google Chrome themed gallery. It' been a while since I published some Google Chrome themes. This is a compilation of 10 themes I selected from the last Chrome Themes Gallery updates for 2014. Please click on the images to download and use them. Know about a great Google Chrome topic and write me a review!

This is my selection of Google Chrome themes from the offical themes gallery. Every picture below is a hyperlink to the Chrome Web Store page for that topic. In order to reinstall the design, click on the design picture and click on the Installation icon on the design page.

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