Google Chrome Wallpaper Themes

Chrome Google wallpapers themes

One part of the reason Google Chrome is the most popular browser is its sophisticated simplicity. Design your Google Chromebook with unique wallpapers and themes. Want to customize Chrome with colors and images of your choice?

It' easy to make your own Google Chrome topic

The Google Chrome Web Store provides a wide range of themes for Chrome, including wallpapers for your new tabs and customized colours. Better still, you can design your own in just a few moments. One of the most popular Google apps, this one allows you to quickly and simply build a customized Google Chrome theme, along with a customized wallpaper and colour palette.

They can even approve the designs you have created. To do this we use the My Chrome App from Google - click on the hyperlink and download it from the Chrome Web Store. Your new tabs will show where your other Chrome applications do this. First, you need to select a wallpaper for your new tabs.

Either load an uploaded picture or take a picture from your cam. Once you have uploaded an artwork, you can select a custom picture or other kind of wallpaper, e.g. one of the pictures from our over 100 wallpaper lines. Below is a picture from our grassland harvest.

The next monitor lets you specify different colours for the border, symbol bar, and wallpaper. Obviously this is a Google application, so there's a "I feel happy" icon that selects some matching colours for you to use. Intelligently chosen colours will try to correspond to the previously chosen wallpaper.

As soon as you are finished, your design will be created and you will see an install icon that adds it to your web page. You also get a shortcut that you can use to easily distribute to others - just e-mail, IM, Facebook or wherever you can copy and past a shortcut.

Since this is Google, you can of course also split your customized design with a click in Google+.

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