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Personalize your browser by downloading themes that design your online view from tabs, web address bars, and buttons. Google Chrome Web Store includes a gallery of themes that you can use to customize your browser experience. This video shows you how to change the Google background with Google Chrome themes.

Changing themes in Google Chrome after installation

Google Chrome Webshop includes a shopping cart with themes that let you customise your browser viewing experiences. Sadly, after you download and install a topic, there is no simple way to return to a topic without redownloading it. In order to conserve your valuable resources, there is a way to find these topics in a unique format.

Store the files in a suitable place and easily change between topics. "On your computer, double-click the C disk and then the Users/folders. Open the Windows Explorer window and double-click the Windows Explorer window that matches your Windows user profile. If your Windows Profiles is "User01", for example, double-click the "User01" directory.

In the AppData directory, double-click the AppData directory. When it is not displayed, click on " organizing " and then choose " directory and searching possibilities ". "Click the View panel, and then click the option box next to "Show Show Hidden Items, Directories, and Drives". "Click on " Accept " to store the changes and then open the "AppData" directory which should now be displayed.

To open the Google Chrome Designs storage location, double-click Locally | Google | Chrome | User Data | Default | Enhancements. Hold this directory open and start your charge chart if it is not already in use. Then click the "Wrench" symbol in Chromes and choose "Settings". "Click the "Get Topics" pushbutton in the "Appearance" section.

Press the Select Design pushbutton for the name of the design you want to store. Then click the "Add" icon and look for the name of the uploaded document as it appears in the lower right hand side of the web page. After waiting for the completion of the downloading, find the name of the corresponding directory in the extension directory you have opened.

Right click on the directory and choose "Properties". "Type the name of the topic as the name of the file, and then click OK to keep an eye on your designs, because the file name Chrome has given you is nothing more than jargon. In Chrome, click the Wrench symbol and choose Preferences.

" When you click Enhancements, click to check the box next to Development Modes. "Click on "Pack extension..." and click on the "Browse" icon next to the "Extension" home page. "Choose the topic that you have previously modified, and then click OK. To pack the design into a unique data set that you can easily store and change, click Pack Expansion, and then click OK.

Repetition the installation procedure for the desired designs and their packing. Snap and drop the supplied themes filename (with the . crex extension) over your chart browse pane and then click "Add" to go to this topic. You can use this way to save and package all your already preinstalled themes to simply toggle between themes without having to redownload anything.

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