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The Chrome browser of Google does not have a built-in dark mode. Use this Chrome extension to add a 'Dark Mode' to any website. Search through dark Google topics for your Chrome Browsers...


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Googles is working on supporting dark chrome modes in Mojave macOS

One of the most thrilling customer enhancements with the introduction of next week's version of macrosoft 10.14 is a systemwide dark fashion. Several Apple and third-party applications plan to promote the topic, while Google is also considering one for Chrome. Chromium crew discusses dark modus since Apple released Mojave at WWDC 2018 in June.

Discovered today by XDA, work on the designs began before the material upgrade was officially launched. MacOS 10.14 launched "Dark Mode", which transforms the system colour pallet into a dark one. Currently, Chrome does not do this. For a few month Google has been working regulary on this features and a Googler proposed a start with Chrome 71 at the beginning of September.

Grey design will probably be used on the upper chrome, the omnibox and various buttons of the webcam. This would look very much like the Incognito or Personal modes, however, which creates a bewildering end-user environment. By and large, a dark modus for a web browsing application, especially for a desktops, doesn't make too much of a difference.

Thin stripes with dark control elements and tabbed areas do little to enhance your work during the dark. Regardless, a dark color paradigm would be perfect for consistent Mac OS application and hopefully available soon. Last year it took several releases for Google to include TouchBar functionality. The Chrome 71 is expected to reach the steady channels in December this year, while Mojave starts next weekend.

At least in the beginning the features will probably be hid behind a flag. Hopefully, if the redesign is a success, Google will consider similar themes on other plattforms such as Android and ChromeOS that just introduced a nightlight features this weekend.

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