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Enterprises that rely on the Web will find high download speeds an essential part of maximizing productivity and efficiency. When you use Google Chrome, you probably know it doesn't download files that fast. You can download this: Googling faster, surfing better and enjoying epic IMs

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Google Labs' friendly crazy scientist are still working on the incredibly useful Google Desktop Bar, but that doesn't mean you have to stay away from the little beast. DesktopBar makes the Google Toolbar even better by enabling you to perform a Google lookup without even starting your web browsing.

To do this, a 2-inch field is inserted into the Windows task bar so that you have just enough space to enter a keyword - and if you like, use the menus or keyboard strokes to specify a query for Google's Froogle price machine, Google News, the web as a whole, or a number of other choices.

Results are displayed in a small pane that you can extend to a full-screen browsing pane. Just like its big sister Toolbar, the Google DeskBar is free, but needs Microsoft Explorer 5. And if you are the kind of web saver who loves jumping between many open browsers, you've probably found that your Microsoft task bar gets quite full of small, progressively unreadable icons - or, if you're using Microsoft XP, you'll only get one icon for all your browsers.

Straight visiting news sites and other everyday strokes can make windows multiply like a rabbit. Type mysie2, a webbrowser from the appropriately designated mysie2 team (no Microsoft connection). Keeping a handful of web pages open and properly tagged with tabbed pages, a convenient windows of mysie2 keeps your task bar clean. Miyie2 is full of practical little functions, but the handling of a bookmark is a favourite.

Having a well-worn tour of the most important pages can help you safe your precious moments and prevent you from missin' the latest headlines or your favourite webcom. MIE2 is " Donateware." "If you like the programme and you choose to keep it, it would be very respectable of you to make a donation to the mysie2 people.

Once the GOAL is open, go to our download page and click on the characters you want to use as your icon-faced Frodo, the Enigmatic Galadriel, the Royal Aragorn, the scary but wretched Gollum, or one of thirteen other human beings and beings who inhabited Tolkien's abundantly imaginary world. Download and installation of the symbol is automatic.

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