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In the left column of the Chrome Web Store screen, click Designs. Googles Home Application tests a design with Google's Materials Theme

Initially developed with Google Chromecast in mind, the Google Home application (formerly known as the Chromecast application and Google Cast app) has received many upgrades since its last re-branding to enhance the features of Google's suites of intelligent home appliances. Home application can now be used to setup and manage Google Chromecast, Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max and several supporting Home Apps.

Google seems to be working on a comprehensive restyling of the application according to the company's latest material design policies with a burgeoning repertory of functions and device support. Start-up screen and Contents Search screen have not really improved, but the device side has improved significantly.

Side of the unit is now much neater than before, as the units are now shown with smaller symbols rather than large maps that waste a lot of time. We' re not sure when Google will launch its latest footage themes in the Home application, but we will let you know when it goes online.

Download the latest Home Apple application from the Game Store below.

Like to unlock Google's hidden dark topic on pixel 2

Pixel 2 is still a single click away from being released, but the reviews are already in the wilderness and reviewers have discovered a covert function in Google's new phone: It has a subtle black subject, and it' s amazingly simple to unlock. There is no setting submenu for toggling between bright and dim subjects on pixel 2.

Instead, all you have to do is convert your desktop picture to a lighter one. In order to do this, simply hold down and hold on the start screen until a pop-up appears. As soon as you have made the changes, the black subject switches on itself according to your new desktop picture. Add ing a black text backdrop with blank text for the apple tray, pulldown message bar, speed setting menus, loudness meters and 9to5Google style powerful menus.

Apart from your optical preference to use a deep motif on pixel 2, it also has one big advantage: it can help you spare your batteries. This is because Google's new telephones use OLED screens that display monochrome pictures by turning off the corresponding pixel. As your screen becomes darker, you will consume less electricity to operate it.

In other words, this obscure topic should look even better than on a telephone with an LC screen.

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