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the iGoogle Themes | | | iGoogle Themes API (deprecated) Google Developer Important: iGoogle will retire on November 1, 2013. iGoogle, Google's personalised home page, allows you to customise the look and feel of your page with a range of fast-paced themes. Subjects API allows you to create topics about spaces, cars, dogs, or anything you can think of.

Here's your opportunity to make the Google homepage work for dozens of million iGoogle people! With full-page topics, you can fill the whole of your web page with an picture. All you need to produce a full-page design is a high-resolution 1920x1200 picture with the right 16:10 page format. iGoogle resizes or enlarges your picture as needed to match all display resolutions.

Topics can refresh their pictures according to the times of the days and days of the weeks. So it' s effortless to make a tale that will unfold throughout the entire working session, a landscape that changes with sunrise and sunset, and abstracted pictures that become more complicated over the years. The creation of a dynamical topic is as straightforward as specifying a clock date (or weekday ) along with a set of descriptive text descriptors.

Start with the creation of your design. Learning how to build a full-page topic by looking at these examples: The Sea of Fog (XML file) shows you how to build a basic full-page design. iStockPhoto's Beach (XML file) shows you how to build a full-page design that is truly vibrant. See the Developers Guide topics.

Watch how performers from around the globe have used the Themes API. Get an idea of how it works.

Customise your Google home page with themes.

Customize your Google home page with one of six colourful new designs. Designs apply a caricature-like wallpaper to the top of the page and optimize text and frame color accordingly. Unfortunately, the backgrounds under the headers remain as strong and know as ever, and you can't make user-defined changes to any of the themes.

Nevertheless, it's good to see that Google is giving the homepage some shop windows decoration.

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