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Layout - what is it? - Play out A thing you'll find out in a few short weeks is that Layout and Style Builders are functions of Style Building Pro. Thank you for the information, I'm looking for a tool/system to make easy mechanic designs for homemade electronics designs, mostly box with hole, but the ability to modell the mounting of a module inside a case would be very useful.

If you then need to generate a document such as a dimensioned plan, use LayOut for that end. However, layout is engineered to make it easier to generate 2-D design drawing documentation, and provides better options for title creation, measurement, detail overlay in a single pane, and true-to-scale print to begin with.

Obviously, you didn't really take the trouble to look at LayOut and see how it works and what it does. Put simply: LayOut is used to create 2-D representations (e.g. drawings) from 3-D-modells. I think, however, that the use of the tool would be much better suited for occasional user who just accidentally open it when the first icon in the Add Model/Filekbar was.

I apologize for any violation in the layout that was not intended. Re: John's response, if you can only produce to size in the layout, then I have my response, syr, and thank you so much for making it worthwhile. LayOut has much more to offer than just true-to-scale printout.

"If I can produce to size, it seems like a no. The creation of a home map is about much more than just true-to-scale printout. They don't have to teach you how to use LayOut, but I don't know why you shouldn't do it. It is not only export to LayOut.

If you are editing your style, you can simply refresh the LayOut links and the drawings/view will also be up-dated. LayerOut is a 2D application for jobs that require a different toolset. To force this into the same application would result in an overloaded, bewildering application that does too many different things.

Our layout user have gone further, however. I' m now using layout for all kinds of things and am no longer the pivot for my entire designing work. Absolutely okay, layout is a very mighty toolset that accelerates the entire proces. However, it is important that the pattern is exact and that no abbreviations are made when sketching.

Now that I have to make some sketches for a client, I know that my next move is to study LayOut.

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