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You can also find Nova Launcher themes in Google Play that add a little more to the mix. The Google Phone 23 introduces the design of a new theme to adapt it to the Google Contacts. Latest version of the Materials Designs Guideline, known as "Material Theme" or better said "Material Designs 2", has led to a mix of views among Android fans. Firstly, some appreciate the ease of designing by integrating new features or modifying already created ones without loosing the essential nature of the "material". Still others criticise it strongly because it borrows parts of old fashioned issues with a lot of whites.

Google brings its upgraded theme to all of its uses and services, and we may see most, if not all, of the Google uses that have been upgraded by the release of Google Pixel 3. We' ve already told you that Google introduced this Google Contacts theme only a few weeks ago, and we're now getting a Google Phone Material Theme Refin.

Most of the changes we've seen with other theme redesign materials are in the newly designed app: Many of the violet colors that make up the toolbar and header are now substituted by a purely blank one. Curved edges are also common, and the Google Sans typeface will appear in various parts of the application.

And the new look changes across the entire application, from the menu to the call monitor and everything in between. Whilst the UI items remain the same, the backdrop changes from a semitransparent cyan to a continuous cyan, using the Google Sans fonts for the contact's name and number.

Receiving/receiving phone call on Google Phone 22 (left) and Google Phone 23 (right). Although I don't think this new look looks too good, I think it will take some getting used to it. And if you're interested in getting this update to your phone, you can download it from the Google Play Store on featured phones such as Google Nexus, Google Pixel and Android One.

For now, the latest version is only available on the betacanal, so make sure you join it before you update the application. If you don't have a support unit, you can review the informal ports of the application in our forum, which will probably be upgraded with these changes shortly.

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