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That'?s a report: Googles repressed an explosives memory about his China search machine.

It' s even more devastating every single times we listen to a new story about Google's allegedly scored search for China. Now the Intercept reports that Google tried - and apparently didn't - to repress a memory that could have disclosed how this search machine could have enabled the China authorities to pursue the people who used it.

It is reported that the so-called Dragonfly search machine would demand that China's residents register to conduct a search, trace their geographical locations, and then divide all their information with a China business associate that they are likely to be able to divide with the China administration. According to reports, the firm would have "unilateral access" to the information.

This could probably involve the telephone numbers of people in China, as described in an Intercept previous one. In addition, this China firm is reported to be able to automatically insert new words into the black list of search queries to be noticed. Here is how Google allegedly tried to repress the memo:

The Google HR department sent e-mails to staff who were suspected of accessing the note or storing a copy, instructing them to immediately remove it from their computer. You' ll find a bunch of "may" and "could" and "report" in the above sections, as Google has still not acknowledged that such a venture even exists, much less how it could work - all that Google has said in public is that it is "not about to launch a search tool in China", and it is noteworthy that accounts suggest that the search machine is currently a model.

"We have been reinvesting in supporting China's consumers for many years, from the development of Android to our development tool, from Google Translate and Files Go to our development team. However, our search work was explorative and we are not about to launch a search item in China. "At least 1,000 staff have been protesting the advent of such a scheme, the New York Times said, and The Intercept and Buzzfeed reported that some staff have stepped down in protests.

Protests and withdrawals are reflected in Google Maven' drones work for the US Department of Defense. Googles about China search engines rumors...... The Intercept reported that the note was handwritten by a Google engineering professional who was asked to work on the Dragonfly development. It is not clear whether the staff who originally objected had cause to believe in any of the above supposedities.

Further Dragonfly information, such as the number of people working on the projects, can be found under The Intercept. Update, 12:51 p.m. PT and 1:26 p.m. PT: With Google's commentary.

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