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Background topics of the Google search

Customizing the background of your Google search There is a tendency these days that if you want the answers to something, you don't ask an adult, you ask Google. I' m sure that for most of you, the Google search page is your home page, especially if your favourite is Chrome. Note that the background of the Google search page is an empty page of nothing, well, apart from the search box of course.

What if we spiced things up a bit by including a background or a personal photo? This custom Google background expansion allows you to customise the background of the Google search page (but only in the Google Explorer). Begin by attaching the custom Google background to your web browsers. Select the wallpaper you want to use for Google search from your hard drive or from a weblink.

More than one picture can be uploaded, and you can even keep it in shuffle so your background changes every time you refresh the page. And that' not all, with this add-on you can personalise the Google search page. Select whether you want to suppress certain items such as the Google logos, the happy icon, the bottom line, and more from the search page.

It is also possible to customize the location of your picture. Do you get tired of the latest picture? Simply click on "Change wallpaper" at the bottom of the page on the lower leftside and it will take you to the settings page where you can make your changes.

Adjust the background of Google search in Chrome

Googles has eliminated the possibility of displaying a customized wallpaper on your Google Search home page. There is, however, a chromed expansion that can help you recover your little piece of individualization. Apart from the fact that you can modify the background picture, you can also do some other useful things with the expansion.

Delete the Google emblem, search and luck keys, bottom line, and advertising link. Go to the Google Chrome Web Store and set up the custom Google Background enhancement. Once the add-on is installed, you can choose where you want to use an existing picture. It is also possible to randomise pictures if you specify more than one (from your computer, a web address or via search).

These custom Google background extensions are a great alternate to a topic because they don't cover the whole of your webpage.

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